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Pitchfork's twisted, pay-your-way posts

Wait... so you resent the fact that you got on Pitchfork?

I never really cared about them and they kind of represent the very dark side of music writing. A large portion of my close friends are part of of this BK music scene so I'm exposed to a lot of PR strategy. The hype cycle is absolutely nauseating, especially since there's so much money and dealing involved without any of it truly being transparent to readers.

"Resent" is the wrong word. I think I'm closer to being ambivalent than anything else (specifically toward Pitchfork). At first, I was pretty excited about potentially being on a big site like that, no matter how they wrote; however, it's apparent that we were written about because we have a vocalist and because of our label, whose output has generally been enjoyed by Ian Cohen, the Pitchfork writer. If that wasn't the case, then Crying would most likely be ignored by them the same way they tend to ignore chiptune as a whole.

Hey! I just noticed this thread. I play guitar/LSDJ (and Twitter) in Crying and have def. made a post at some point that went something like, "please listen to our EP!"

I complain about a lot of the writeups calling us emo (we used to get described as, like, "Mario Kart meets Liz Phair"or whatever) because it means the people who seemingly have music authority aren't good at listening. I feel like most chiptune artists should understand how quickly you can be dismissed by someone that isn't actually paying attention or looking beyond the instrumentation. Everyone confusing your identity is frustrating, especially when half of the time, it's for the sake of SEO purposes. Our sound has very little to do with emo and I'm not going to accept a world where tastemakers have no idea what they're talking about. Threads/conversations like this are way more important to music than Pitchfork's twisted, pay-your-way posts, since they're two way in terms of communication.

I'm also really curious about this "rival" band, though. Have we met? Tell me when and where your next NYC show is!

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Realized where they got their name: Danny Bonaduce. of the partridge family.

Is this confirmed? I've been joking about this to myself for a few years.


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I appreciate everyone that listened/downloaded! Every criticism is welcome and being taken into consideration for the inevitable next release.

But also, if you're close to SUNY Purchase in Westchester county (about an hour away from the city) and you liked this, you should come to the show tomorrow! We're opening for Pity Sex, LVL UP, and a few other super cool bands.

http://pitysex.tumblr.com/post/58918106 … ack-at-the
(I made the poster)


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Actually, it's out now! http://wearecrying.bandcamp.com/album/get-olde


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My band Crying is releasing its EP next Tuesday (9/3)! It's vocals/guitar/drums/Game Boy. Uh, here are two songs from it:
https://soundcloud.com/double-double-wh … bodega-run
https://soundcloud.com/double-double-wh … ying-bloom

We're all going to be in Westchester, NY for at least the next year, so let's play some shows!


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The music scene/culture at SUNY Purchase is so great! My band's the only one that makes chip music (although there's an amazing guy that makes non-chip video gamey prog/jazz), but it doesn't matter since all of our other elements and musical flavors fit in well with the rest of the scene (punk and power pop, mostly).


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Finally got an account to post my thoughts: chill as F. Really good.