Was just introduced to the artist 12insomnia and can't find anything on him besides tunes on youtube and an abandoned myspace page. His music is just right for me. Anybody know what happened to him? (having to bump with my old account because apparently my new account is still considered new)


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Arc-Demon wrote:

Ninten Kwon Do

Is this taken yet?!?

stargazer wrote:

Back to the band called 'Crying', I checked out their twitter. One thing I found kind of perplexing was whoever runs it was ranting about all the album reviewers referring to them as 'emo', presumably due to their name. Assuming that emo is bad because it now means 'immature', whining about album reviews on twitter is a pretty emo thing to do. Aren't Jimmy Eat World considered to be one of the pioneering 'emo' bands? They're a great freaking band, there's nothing wrong with them being 'emo'.

Though, at the end of the day, the band referred to as 'Crying' is kind of emo.



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Firstly, thanks to everyone that's responded!

Imaginary wrote:

What's wrong with OmO? Is it pronounced "Oh-Moe" or is it just a little monster face guy?.

It's pronounced "Oh-Moe" and is actually short for "OmOchoa" which is a misspelling of the Sonic the hedgehog character "Omochao". It's also a little robot face guy which I would've probably used as a character for album covers and stuff.

kfaraday wrote:

steal a videogame character's name & change it slightly

*whisper* thats what all the cool kids are doing *whisper*

I guess I am one of the cool kids. (sunglasses emoji)

I think they're awesome! They're actually playing a show where I am tonight and I'm not gonna be able to make it out to hear them live. sad


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Xuriik wrote:

I find that the names I stick with are the ones that mean something to me. Anyway, just ask the chipmusic.org overlords, they know.

Haha, to be honest now having put it out there I feel like I'm worrying too much over something that should be simple. I mean how much does the name matter?


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Hey, you said a word that could be a pretty cool name:    "nameless"

That's actually not bad...


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Xuriik wrote:

If you're unhappy with your past attempts at a pseudonym, why would you pick a stranger's?

I mean I guess I was just grasping at straws hoping someone would say something really cool that I really liked.


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I am going through a name change right now and don't know what to do. I'm working on my first real album and don't want to be nameless for it's release. I've used many names in the past and haven't really liked any of them. I don't know what makes a good name. I just wanted to hear what you guys had to say.


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Mrwimmer wrote:

Y'all I don't understand why my shitty opinion is a big deal

It's not


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I take pride in my collection of hard to come by spamtron tracks, but I'd never heard Delusion before and oh my god why don't I have it!!!

That's beautiful. Adding that to the Christmas list!

Feryl wrote:

How hard do you want to laugh? Don't drink milk while you listen...


HAHAHAHA this one made my day!


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Why the fuck am I only just now discovering this shit? This is kawaii as fuck! Love it! heart



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sandneil wrote:

david sugar / ears https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO3bU_AnMQk

Yo, that one kicked ass....that was straight lsdj right?