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Haha this is fucking radical man!!!

Rat wrote:
OmO wrote:

I'm in no place to give advice or anything though. I suck at chipmusic.

Lies. I have everything I've seen of you downloaded. You're pretty good to me. :V

Woah! Thanks! heart


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I'm in no place to give advice or anything though. I suck at chipmusic.

I listened to the one song you have up. It isn't bad, I have faith in you. You just need to study up and practice.


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D3LL wrote:

Maybe you could use it to send midi out if you have a usb to midi controller and arduinboy?

Loops and samples kinda stuff



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I mean it's just a midi controller so there's a bunch of things you could use it for right? Hook it up to ableton and get some chiptuney vts's going I don't know.

What type of carts are they, EMS?

Can't tell what's on the screen. Is it lsdj?

Stole my topic pun I see!!! Nah this track is super nice! I disagree with my.Explosion on the intro I think it contrasted the tune nicely. My only complaint is that I'd love if it was longer (which is more of a compliment).



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heart heart heart my god this is so good!!!

I'd really love some constructive comments on my w.i.p. track over here http://chipmusic.org/omo/music/thrah-city-needs-work

I'm starting to really get into making crazy gameboy music and while I think my style is original I don't think I'm 'like no one ever was' just yet.


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calmdownkidder wrote:

It's all worthless, I'll give you 10 bux for the lot.

Don't listen to this guy...I mean it is all junk, but it's at least worth 20. Which I'd be willing to give you to take that crud off your hands....

I really enjoy your stuff. I'd love to see you put some effort into a full release at somepoint! keep it up smile