Cheers! Enjoy!

Remix finally out on Quantum Natives, featuring some crazy mixes tbh, including our very own Jellica! Streaming and download d33ts below:

QNRX018: d0us - Retrig 

STREAM … us-retrig)

Yes . Maxymiser is the way to go.
The only other program I can think of is very very old that can play the soundchip and I think ONE external midi device at the same time. You can find it here

Cheers! QN usually do a remix pack after a couple of weeks. If anyone’s interested in doing one let me know which track you’re interested in and I  will send the musicmon file  wink

VIDEO (directed by Aerth)

d0us - Voicestealer [QNR018]
Released 2nd July 2018
5 Tracks, 14:42
Quantum Natives


Sent this file to a buddy to add ideas but he never got back to me so I'm stuck with making this into a full length tune.

I like to keep this playing in the background as a loop though so maybe there's something in repetition smile …


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This is great stuff.  I'm a sucker for incremental patterns anyway!


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Did I miss a mention of NQ from skrju?


Great idea.  I've watched some of your usual ableton live ones but they didn't really grab me. I love tracking youtubes in general so I think I'd enjoy a stream.

I stream myself playing DayZ and I have a playlist of chiptune artists/friends bands but I only tried to stream tracking as as a fun drunken idea last  Saturday.  It was 5 am after coming home from a night out and I was kind of repeatedly zoning out to an 8 bar loop I was jamming.  I presume the 3 viewers were also smile


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Thanks for taking the time to respond!

TSC wrote:

Do you mean Octamed SoundStudio (OSS) or MED? What is the version number?

OSS.  sorry I mean OSS v1.03 on Amiga

TSC wrote:

You can adjust screen size and screen height if necessary. You'll learn to love those windows.

Nope, I really HATE THOSE windows on such a small screen (even when adjusting them...just looks horrible big_smile)

TSC wrote:

What do you mean by "good range"? What synth are you using?

Just to get to get the octaves to correspond with the octave layout on my Novaion X-Station

TSC wrote:

What method are you using to input notes? Are both the MIDI IN/OUT synth ports connected to the Amiga?

Both via keyboard and by MIDI in.  Yup midi/in and out

TSC wrote:

I'm not entirely sure of what you are saying here. Using one track in Octamed 5 doesn't sound like using two tracks in OSS? Treat all MIDI tracks as though they were sample tracks, ie three tracks for three note chord.

Sorry, what I mean is in Octamed 5 with 2 channels running one channel cuts out the other as if the synth was monophonic.  So in OSS I can have many tracks playing the same synth voice.  However in octamed 5 I can only play one note at a time.  So no chords for example.

d0us wrote:

-Octamed 5 stops midi communication and only works by restarting.

TSC wrote:

What do you mean by this? Can you explain further?

Usually the above problems resolve themselves when I restart octamed 5.  I.e if I get no sound from the synth via midi, resetting and loading the same module makes it work.  Or the weird monophpnic thing..that resolves after a couple of resets.  I do not have to reset the synth- just the Amiga.

d0us wrote:

At first I thought this was maybe a hardware problem or problem with the synth but it's weird that med ss works ok but not octamed 5.  I woould rather not use med ss because of the horrible interface.

TSC wrote:

Med/Octamed/Octamed Soundstudio are three completely different layouts. Use Octamed Soundstudio if you have the ability to do so, assuming this is what you are referring to..

Yes OSS does seem to work fine...I just don't like those windows!!!

TSC wrote:

More questions: What MIDI interface are you using? What model Amiga? What kickstart? What OS?

Also, I need you to try and send a patch change to your synth via a player command in Octamed. Does it actually work?

Let's figure this out!

I'm using a Golden Hawk 500 interface on stock Amiga 1200, KS 3.0 and WB 3.1.  Ah I'll try patch change tonight (I can choose patch with the slider in the instrument panel when it works).

Thanks for your help!

I'm suffering from unpredictable midi in octamed 5.

In med soundstudio it seems reasonably stable but I hate all those cluttered windows on my stock Amiga screen.

In Octamed 5 I get thise strange behaviour:

-In order to get a good range from the external synth I need to increasethe transpose to 34 on the instrument settings.  However in octamed 5 this means every note doubles on the tracker screen: one intended note and another note tranposed higher.  No matter what I do I can't stop octamed putting notes twice like this unless I put the transposesetting to 0.  This does not happen in med sound studio

-my external synth is polyphonic and if I have two tracks in med sound studio playing it it plays fine. but in octamed 5 recreating the same results in one channel cutting the other one out like the synth is monophonic.

-Octamed 5 stops midi communication and only works by restarting.

At first I thought this was maybe a hardware problem or problem with the synth but it's weird that med ss works ok but not octamed 5.  I woould rather not use med ss because of the horrible interface.

any help?


so fill up all 3 channels and gate the rhythm melody with a worked in my head and sounds wonky.

also random high hat is cool to gate pedal bass notes to create new bass patterns.

I don't even know what gating means


Looking for submissions of 4 channel mods for a Harsh noise/breaks/dirty beats/industrial/gabba/digital harcore blah blah style tracks.

This will be a a free online download from sinerec and a dual floppy/cassette release

Feel free to include a 64*64 pic for your release to be put on the cassette/floppy cover.


*4 channel PT compatible MODS

*No size limit but please be sensible as I'm going to try and fit as much as possible onto a floppy along with intro and music selector

* include nfo in the samplelist if you wish:name/title and the text stating the work is released under Creative Commons CC-A 2


All tracks will be hosted online via sinerec for free download.

The ogg and mod files will be available as a downloadable archive with artwork.

An exe of the musicdisk will also be available for download.

I will be making handmade covers for the audio cassettes and the data floppy with the music selector and selling them on a ltd basis.

Each artist will receive a copy and can purchase more at cost.

I haven't decided yet on the format of the music disk:

I  might code it myself in STOS (hahah yes, STOS!) as an Atari STE demo and you can run it on an emulator if you do not own an STE.

OR I may use the Windows only oldskool demomaker to create a music selector.

If interested let me know here or email:

[email protected]