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Rare as hen's teeth but i regret selling mine and want another.

i thought we killed it?


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not really cv but analog clock but its all kind of the same.

if its not working try a different width of your pulse for the trigger.  maybe yours are to long and its not seeing them


like herr_prof said you need to amplify them.   this one is kind of my guess as well.  if you're not hitting a peak of whatever voltage they're looking for it won't trigger.  3v isn't going to trigger a clock source looking for 5v

e.s.c. wrote:

unrelated, but i highly recommend taking road-trips with Saskrotch. only caveat is that at some point he will almost definitely make you laugh so hard without any warning that you nearly crash

he's also amazing to have crash at your house

its the demo verision i think.  e.s.c. is better at this than me


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whoa awesome


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i'll grab that


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holy fucking awesome


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the mist toggles wrote:

nord micromodular is probably one of the best effects out there.
it doesnt do reverbs and delays (easily), but you get much more than effects with it, including learning how things work.
cheap for what it does, compared to available pre-determined gear and their prices.

micro mod makes a hell of a pedal.  i miss mine but life goes on

but you also didn't say what you want the pedal to do so you're dead to me OP


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most of us where staff on 8bc before it imploded.

tempsoundsolutions wrote:

why are you a staff member, btw


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super lonely


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Welcome from Tacoma, Washington!!

electrikdave wrote:

Where is this event?

ANTWERP, BELGIUM is what it says in the title


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PO-20 is mine fuckers!!

well mine for about 15 mintues till my kid steals it from me cause he's the one who wants it. lol.  support 7 year olds who want music tech


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messaged about the po-20

oh god damn it..

this and labo are going to push me over the edge