Chromatic sampler just means it can play back a sound a different pitches. All the VSTs I found were just one shot play backs rather than playing one sound over a keyboard range.
There is one ethernet cabled running to the room but on the other side (my machines are all WiFi). I have a vague plan of testing now. I also got a hint on my reddit thread which suggests the op-amps are driven from the 12v lines so even more reason to swap around the power supplies.

Rough plan is
Turn off monitor
Swap audio cables (again)
Swap power supplies
Move the 1200
Try a galvanic isolator

Hoping to get some time over the weekend to try all this.
Thanks for the suggestions

Thanks, All computers were running off the same power strip and going into the same interface.
They are at different heights (A1200 is closer to supplies), I will do some basic trouble shooting and swap the power supplies and audio cables.
Cheers for the tip on galvanic isolation, I will also look into this. My room is kinda chaotic with gear so interference or ground issues are possible.   
Funny thing is, I got back into the Amiga ages ago when I was looking for a chromatic sampler and all the VSTs I could find were just sample players.. remembering it was so simple on the Amiga I bought the 1200 with a 500.. Now I am kind of a computer collector..
The C64 is great fun along with the Atari but the Amiga 500 was my childhood machine and nostalgia is strong.

Bit of a test image post of a spectrum graph from Cubase, when to post the image on my VPS but it died..
This is from a reddit thread I post the same query in. Not sure if reddit will allow me to link the image hence the test.

I was using my A1200 as a midi trigger sampler and noticed a annoying hum. Wondered if it was common on my other machines.
Found the A600 a lot cleaner and the A500 to be the best.

Is this common?

(used amigas a lot and haven't noticed it before).
Both the A1200 and A600 have been recapped in the last decade the A500 is running as stock and has never been recapped.


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I did, but never being a member of 8BC I felt I could not comment on that thread.. Maybe I delved too greedily and too deep... then somewhat necroed this one.. but it's all within the same year tongue


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"LOGGED IN AS PATHOGENIC. LAST VISIT FEB 7, 2019 12:04 AM" I'm slack it seems.


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My kerberos cynthcart was out of tune and crashing as well. They provided an updated version on the main Kerberos pages here

As well as a new Kerberos app.

I found my crashes were caused in part by cubase sending MIDI Time code for all destinations to the interface. I believe this has now been fixed in the version uploaded to the Kerberos page.

There is a slightly newer Cynthcart version that I was sent to do testing with (1.5.1c), I can check with Frank/Paul if it is okay to pass this version on


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I thought there was only 45 Days to open a dispute?

From the paypal site

"You can open a dispute in the Resolution Center within 45 calendar days of payment. By opening a dispute, you are able to communicate directly with your seller to work out a problem transaction."

I tried to email a couple of weeks after he tweeted he was sending the items as is as is but didn't get a response.


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Jazzmarazz wrote:

So in which component is the hex data for c5 stored?

It is listed in the Channel.h file from …


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I opened mine up and took a look, I can see the ISP and JTAG headers.

Unless I am missing something this might do the job for me … 1582978764

Those pads look a bit of a pain to solder to but if I took my time I could add wires to them.


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Kreese wrote:

I wonder if it's possible to fix/flash the cart, and fix the C5...

I would really like to test the altered values to see if I'm correct but I don't have a chip programmer and the chip is a SMT.

My soldering skills rule out me being able to remove, program and replace a SMT chip. I don't believe it can be reprogrammed in place.


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Jazzmarazz wrote:

Maybe I was wrong about him speaking with kitsch

Furrtek mentioned he had contact with Kitsch-Bent earlier in this thread.

furrtek wrote:

Kitsch-Bent and I are in contact and we're having some plans for the future...

I had a lot of hope for this project. My plan was to just use it as a midi sync'd synth via the nanoloop usb-midi adapter with on the fly adjustable parameters via the potentiometers. If mine arrives I still hope I can get some use out of it.


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In regards to the Chip Maestro and C4, C4 does seem correct in regards to 261.6 Hz C5 at 523.3 Hz appears to be incorrect.

I was just looking at the code that the developer posted. It has the value for C5 being 00D2 in Hex this converts to decimal as 210.

Using the equation to get the decimal for the notes it is (CPU speed in Hz/(Note Frequency * 16)) - 1
1790000/(523.2511306*16) - 1 = 212.8074692198286 this should be a 00D4 not 00D2 as it is showing under NTSC static int noteTable[128]

The PAL looks like it is out as well for C5 1660000/(523.2511306*16) - 1 = 197.279552461 which would be 00C5 but is showing as 00C6 in the code.

I have never used an Atari but after some reading it looks like they had two drive types, a 360 KB and a 720 KB and can read MS DOS format disks. If yours supports 720 KB disks you could get a USB Floppy drive and format up your own.
The USB Drive will need to support DD disks, The TEAC FD-05PUB appears to and there are a number on ebay.

I just formatted a disk (1.44 MB with the hole covered) to 720 KB under Windows 7 using format720.exe from  with a TEAC FD-05PUB USB floppy drive.

Does the Atari have an OS built into ROM? All the above was found out with some web research. I don't have an Atari so cannot test any of the above.

Good Luck.


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I waited up until the clock counted down to zero. I then posted in this thread and realised the clock was running off local time.
I then worked out my local time for the go live time which was a much nicer middle of the work day time for me.

Don't have a tracking number yet. I assume he is still sorting out the first orders.


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The website suggests "Next batch should be ready around the 24th of April."