hot damn,

real nice setup & use of nl. acid acid

Man I wish someone made proper backlight screen kits, I really want a backlit gba but hate the idea of destroying old sp's.

That's really weird, i used visual boy and no$gba to test it while developing it, and on my crappy 1 gHz 'eee pc', and it ran fine, so i'd think its something unique to your setup or maybe its a different version of VBA to the one I had? It's also totally possible there's some horrendous bug in my code as well - as for the PSP emulator I remember testing it on some iPhone emulator and it didn't work at all... sad

Anyway let me know if you figure it out though. It *should* run fine on the flashcart!

Right now I'm not really able to work on this, but sometime in the future I'll sort out the syncing modes and save issues cause I really want to use this tool in some live setups! It seems the options for adding custom samples are either coding some gnarly rom patching tool, re-writing a new audio engine in ARM assembly (not going to happen anytime soon) or downloading the source & toolchain from git and re-compiling the rom with the new samples (which is a pain but i guess is already totally possible)

The wav channel implementation on GBA is slightly different, and theoretically doesn't have this limitation...


"Channel 3 acts as a 4-bit DAC that repeatadely plays a pattern of samples. This pattern is user definable and consists of sixty-four 4-bit samples, separated in two banks and located from 0x04000090 to 0x0400009F. Channel 3 can play banks in two modes: As a single 64 samples bank or two 32 samples banks. The dual bank mode has the advantage of not needing a sound reset/restart when switching the playing bank. This allows for dynamic reloading of the wave ram without generating distortion as it was the case with previous Gameboys. Bank mode is controlled by bit 5 of REG_SOUND3CNT_L (0x0400070) and resetting it to 0 specifies dual bank mode. Bit 6 controls which bank is active for playing/reloading. If set to 0, samples are played from bank 0 and writing to the Wave Ram will store the data in Bank 1 and vice-versa."

Jeez, so its uncommon in commercial gba games but it definitely is possible to manipulate the old hardware sound registers via software, and thats how goomba and FAT work. Therefore if goomba makes a noise on gba micro, then the gba micro must have the 'right' sound circuitry. I think there's some inconsistencies with the way goomba parses the data though so it maybe would sound weird. And the wav channels on gbc and gba are implemented pretty differently.

Anyway pretty cool that this tracker is back on track. Wait for years for a new gba music software and two come along at once what?


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Yes mate. This is totally awesome, gotta dance.

Hey I've never used but it seems fairly legit. You are aware that it doesn't actually include an arduinoboy though right? It's just got the optocoupler ic (basically the MIDI-in part of the arduino). You'd still need a teensy or an atmega chip if you wanted to build an arduinoboy. (Don't wanna sound patronizing if you already knew that.)

$35 for $5 of components seems a bit steep to me, but it's a real nice pcb and I guess the guys gotta eat.

well apparently accepts bitcoin, but you gotta email first … n/page/92/

Hey thanks for the feedback, I haven't been playing around with this at all recently - I'll try and fix those problems though. The save method is really unreliable at the moment, ideally I'd like to write a system so you can save more than one song on a cartridge, although I'm reaching the limit of what I can achieve in terms of 'feature creep'.


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Wow this is cool, I love finding out about old progs like this. Old stuff ftw.

Not chip related but I recently downloaded photoshop 5 and goldwave because i got sick of using crappy gimp and crappy audacity on my crappy netbook.

Yeah no worries mate, didn't mean to sound annoyed. I agree with you, and also ideologically with open source in general. Just didn't wanna rush to release sloppy code! Thanks for your interest though, it keeps me motivated to work on this, and make it tidier!

I def don't want another vaporware like m4g/fat, hence me not making huge slick announcements until I already had something pretty usable. I massively appreciate the support and kind words of everyone on the forum, and don't want to make promises I can't keep.

As I've said a couple of times I'll post the source on github when its ready. There's a few half-implemented features in there and I want to split up the code into smaller blocks so it's more readable/maintainable. I'll to focus my time on getting it all working first before cleaning and making it more portable for compiling.

If you totally can't wait and need to see the source right now for some reason, its here: … 1B4Z3U4RWM

Actually I kinda just did everything I wanted to do, except test the latest changes on hardware. I wanna release it now cause I'm excited to share it with y'all, but expect things to maybe not work properly.


Heres some of the stuff that changed:

-improved samples screen  (global volume/pitch/pan)
-improved patterns screen (cursor wraps, neater layout, still no key repeat yet i'm afraid sad )
-color modes
-various graphical improvements
-fixed controls and help screen!

-beta sync modes, "nano slave" only, works for me with "nano" mode on lsdj with 2xgba- not fully tested yet at all!! expect this not to work yet.

and maybe the save is a bit broken, and def not compatible with the last release.

Hey thanks for the offer, but I'm in the uk right now and not sure when I'll be next passing thru paris.

Been doing a fair bit of work on this, will release an updated rom later this week with juicy new updates!

Syncing with external sequencer, every pulse being a tick. (diy analog step sequencer)

And nanode, yeah the note tuning controls/interface are totally haphazard atm and will get sorted out soon. But if you have any suggestions for a better layout let me know!

e.s.c. wrote:
NoyzBotChip wrote:

yes, nl2 sync is planned. he doesn't have the hardware to test it but that shouldn't be too much of a problem what with the community here and all

not sure about newer versions, but nanoloop 2.3 's demo rom can run on normal flashcarts (you just can't save, of course)... think you have to hit both the l shoulder and r shoulder at the logo for it to load (or some other two button combo, but i think its the shoulder buttons).. should be enough for anyone wanting to test sync

yeah but a second gba flash cart costs about the same as a nanoloop2 cart anyway hmm

tbh I should be able to rustle something up with a nanoloop 1.x demo on the original gb, and then can maybe just post it for other people to test.