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Atm only 2 Gameboys and a mixer for me smile



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Will an everdrive work for lsdj these days? Or is it still multiple roms with 1 save each? If it does work, which version?

newest X7 card will iirc for GBC/DMG

fypu-cmw5 redeemed, may cop the 12"+7" preorder after I get paid smile

I own two 256M carts and they came loaded with 3 instances of LSDJ each as well as a 4th ROM. Each save has 128kb accessible. Sounds like a ROM configuration issue using the ROM-packer on his site?



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There are no pictures of these Gameboy Advances powered on with backlit screens. Not in the item description either, only title. That is a hugeeee red flag.

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I bet you are now stealing this idea and from now you are all working secretly on awesome gameboy synths in order to get filthy rich, aren´t you?!


Oh yeah people have been biding their time since 1989 to do this oh yup yup


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Doesn't compile with Teensy 2.0 sad I've ordered a few of these after I've seen Teensyboy port by NoizeInABox... sure I also have 2 3.2 and 2 LC, but that's kind of a pain :-/

I'll try to see if I can fix the compile errors, and will send information somewhere (probably on GitHub?), but as I suck, I'll probably give up before everything's fixed...

He didn't add support for the Teensy 2.0, so it is not officially supported. Only the noiseinabox port works on the 2.0. :<

Yupppp Galaxy Wolf is a must-see. Also check out his older Team Toothpaste material if you can still find it.
Also check out Zef (not making music right now), and old Fr0stbyte tunes.


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Pretty sure I have one of these knocking around, kitsch had me record amped vs regular line level mod for him about 2 years ago with one of these. I may not have the recordings, but I can mod a couple DMGs with a spare one of these and post recordings+spectrogram screenies in a few days. I'll include basic sine waves, portamento sweeps, etc to show you all how it colors sound over the full spectrum.

EDIT: pretty sure the coming redesign is because the amp for this isn't made anymore


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Hey Oliver, rather than trying to use audio produced by the Gameboy to trigger the clicks, why not turn the channel on the amp itself on and off while a single channel (noise at low volume?) is panned to that one side? The DMG volume pops are pretty loud and are about as close to the pop sound at bootup when the amp is switched on.

I think the best option would be something based around the Super Gameboy with parts like what Benn Venn has released. That would mean VGA output to a color screen, room for a companion PCB with charging circuits for a rechargable lipo battery, button breakout, built in Teensy 3.1 clone (as per the specs of the most recent Arduinoboy code) meaning USB and DIN MIDI, and the extra screen real estate means room for different Arduinoboy mode display. Combine that with, say, a nice small low-noise amp, multiple audio outs, and a dedicated flashcart or just reusing the cart slot and you have the IDEAL DMG-like handheld. No color screen like the GBC, but it would do more than just get the job done. The big issues with this would be a) effort b) form factor c) whether or not people would cast their still-working DMGs, etc to the side in favor of something more future-proof. tongue


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It is actually that simple. Calculate what all you can run off of 5V, wire it up in the case. Add a resistor if the math calls for it. 5V on one side, ground on the other.

I want this Amiga sooooo badly. I'll shoot you a PM.


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Connection labeled "A" is "Anode" and is to be wired to a 5v line on the Gameboy. Thr R, G, and B connections are for your selection of colors, and to add a color to the light they must simply be grounded.


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The Supercard SD was garbage when it came out in the heyday, still is garbage now. Ez Flash IV all the way.


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Sad, we have to wait a week to jump down someone's throat. I guess we'll have to go back to normal discussions that are constructive now and then.