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I am trying to figure out sound (pre-amp) points as well as the points for the buttons for a performance box project, but I am having a lot of trouble identifying solder points for these different functions.

If anyone has this information, I would like your help in making this project a reality.

Hacked together a CV out from DMG > Volca Beats and I'm able to send clock from DMG to Volca Beats, but if I plug in a headphone jack to either prosound or internal...no CV. That's a fucking problem.

shizcake wrote:

While i could live without the soft pulse, there's another problem that makes it unusable im my setup: loading patterns for the first time throws out the sync, as well as overwriting patterns with new stuff that's not on any other slot yet.

could someone please confirm?

i'm running a DMG CPU 06 with freshly charged eneloops and an original DMG-04 sync cable in case it matters.

I have the same issue with the sync. it's a bit annoying >:(

pselodux wrote:

Just an update re: the volca running double the speed of NL, if you use the IC mentioned in little-scale's blog post I linked above, you can use it to effectively divide the clock signal into slower pulses (ie. 1/2, 1/4 speed etc.). I have a few of them on order so when they arrive I'll do some testing but I think I got a basic idea of how it works after replicating the IC in a logic simulator program big_smile

lmk when you get those in and tested, I'll be interested in your results

herr_prof wrote:

I thought the nanoloop had tempo dividers for the speed of the loops? The real answer is for oliver to add tempo dividers/mults in the speed settings but its not really a deal break imo.

The problem with that (for me) is that nl2 responds directly to the bpm from my kp3 but both can go down to 1/8 speed per pattern. The problem lies in wanting to go above 150BPM on any track since my clock master only goes up to 300, at which point, my volca is useless as a rhythm box and only works as a noise machine.

herr_prof wrote:

or you can sequence all your songs in double time groove but half tempo big_smile

I -could- do that, but I -could- run out of space just trying to keep up with the breakneck pace of the volca... especially since I have to program the volca at double resolution i.e. only half of the sequencer is even useful ._.;

this is the thing I made today using it, note how limited my options were on programming it compared to everything else I make


WOO! Have fun down there!

herr_prof wrote:
BitFlourish wrote:

Currently, I am having issues with nl1 CV in that I appear to be getting half resolution. 16 steps on the volca = 8 steps in NL1... that may need some tweaking on olly's part or I have done something horribly wrong.

Thats because the volcas only send/receive a eighth-note pulse versus a 16th note pulse of everything else. Maybe he can add a Korg Clock setting, or clock divider/mults options.

I hope he does so and doesn't just focus on 2.7.6's MIDI as master since I just kinda don't use that since I have an arduinoboy hooked up to my KP3

I'm not sure how it'll work on micro, but if you can snag a pin out, I'd love to see it done.

You are correct in that you no longer need the IC for nanoloop since it now has the code in place to handle direct CV. I'm trying to get midi working correctly since it would be nice to not go through my AB and KP3 to link to my Volca with NL2 as master.

Currently, I am having issues with nl1 CV in that I appear to be getting half resolution. 16 steps on the volca = 8 steps in NL1... that may need some tweaking on olly's part or I have done something horribly wrong.

I just hacked together a cable for CV sync between my DMG-01 running Nanoloop1.7.2 and my Volca Beats. The external midi sync is coming from my kaoss pad 3, but that is more important for me than for anyone else.

Here's a video of me testing out my "expertly crafted" sync cable!


Check out the other features listed in the update including MIDI master sync out from NL2.7.6 and a few other features as well as a diagram on how to hack your own cables together for this wonderfully simple solution *^_^*



Hey folks! I just finished and released my first "written" nanoloop 2.x track, as in, the first time not in live mode. Check it out!

https://soundcloud.com/noyzbotchip/drag … ng-fascist

I'm so tired of facebook just not letting my release posts get to anyone. I've tried removing links, using a picture, putting link in comments, I don't know what to do as far as self-promotion anymore ._.;


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certainly more interactive

I'll withhold judgement until I see a demo, but I've had this same idea before and it would be interesting to see what can be done with a bigger surface for playing. following thread +1


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SBthree wrote:

Thanks to everyone for helping me figure this out. Hopefully this can help someone else out in the future.
Now I actually have to get good at Nanoloop.

Good luck! I made a nano1 EP back in december and it's -pretty- good so I'm trying to get back to that level with nano2 since I really REALLY want it


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put rom in folder
turn on gameboy while holding select until the rhombus boot screen appears
connect nlmidi connector to usb port and link cable
insert link cable in
run the command: nlmidi -send <rom name>.gb
hold select and press start on the gameboy
an "n" should appear under the rhombus
on the computer, hit "enter" to start the transfer
nlmidi in the command line should count up to 64/64k
when nlmidi says "done" hit start on the gameboy

is that good enough?


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Feryl wrote:

^ popular lads who actually get pms ^

I don't get PMs very often, hence why I want to get notices in email