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"What happened?" Mass exodus to other platforms that then collapsed under their own weight. Lots and lots of egos flying around attempting to devour each other. Lots of artists from the 8BC and then CM.O "era" moving on from the scene or quitting music altogether. The scene essentially working overtime to gatekeep the shit out of... itself? Dunno. Some pretty confusing bullshit going on in general. I've posted up on a few discord servers to collect news and see what's good in the scene. We're at an ebb tide my friends. Just gotta wait it out.


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Thanks man! There's a lot more of this kind of no-holds-barred 2X stuff in the works.


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https://soundcloud.com/imaginary-chipmu … 18-entries

My entries for the grand collaborative effort with the @psgcabal to write theme songs for all 118 elements in the periodic table. Three 2XLSDJ tracks written over the course of early 2019. I hope you will enjoy them.

Thanks to everyone who gave CC/feedback and helped make these the best songs they could be. I'm looking forward to round two!

Concept Art by Teuthida: teuthida256.bandcamp.com


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The Chipwin review for Lonely Idiot is out! Thanks again to everyone who spent time and energy on making this album happen!


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Smooth earthboundy feel. I know nothing about milkytracker so I can't say much about the technical aspects, but I like it. wink


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Calm, reflective, moody, ambient. Great chords. When noi drums finally showed themselves it was refreshing. Very nice.

I've been listening to this every day. Can't wait to get my hands on the tape. Really excellent beeper stuff. Makes me want to follow through on my vow to work in Hustontracker. Thanks for the great tunes!


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e.s.c. wrote:

I've considered doing a podcast, but my taste is far different from what most if the scene is into. Guess it would be a good counterpoint to chipwin though

As far as I'm concerned the fact that your interests would showcase a different subsection of the scene could only be seen as a good thing. Having 100 excellent chiptune news sources that constantly agreed about how great the same 25 artists are would be pointless.


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bryface wrote:

So there's a lot of feelers that the average active chip musician has to put it to get a read on things.  That's tiring.  That's why i think a group of people dedicated to adequately document trends and happenings - with a strong editorial voice - would be a great thing for the scene... if only such people had the time and resources to commit to it.

This is me absolutely. I don't really have the time or interest for most forms of social media, so I end up missing out on a majority of the rad new music I know is being made. I absolutely do not have my finger on the pulse of the scene. It's kind of interesting in a way, because I know whatever I'm creating hasn't been subconsciously influenced by the newest developments in the scene. But overall it's frustrating because there have been some shocker moments of "so and so has a new things coming out" or "such and such label totally went under". If there were a reliable weekly blotter, I'd be all over it. As things stand now though, I end up just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and moving on.


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Thanks dudes!
Feryl, what makes it stand out as decidedly oldschool? I cut my chiptune teeth on the 8BC stuff so I suppose it's obvious that it had a lot of influence, but beyond that?


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e.s.c. wrote:
Imaginary wrote:

Saying "thing X is cancelled due to lack of interest", is usually a signal from your own ego to alert you that you are losing interest in said thing. I hear musicians pushing out new work all the time. Is the scene as good as it could be? I dunno, what's that supposed to look like? Make music, consume music, support the musicians you like. Boom, done.

for the events, many of the people who are running them can't afford to lose money on them and venues usually cost money, so in those cases it's legit to eventually cut your loses if you keep ending up in the red. some friends of mine were doing breakcore events roughly quarterly in Chicago, but they were losing hundreds of dollars on each event, so now they're not really doing them anymore. there's no ego or loss of interest really on their parts, they're just adults with jobs that don't pay enough to eat substantial losses on a regular basis. especially since there's a lot of stress involved in organizing anything like that

Word dude, events are a whole different ballgame. We used to play mostly free house shows because dealing with local promotion companies was such a painful experience. The margins are truly miserable for anything that's not either "The Next Big Thing" or "About To Be The Next Big Thing".
With any very niche scene you're kinda just stuck accepting that you'll end up with marginal opportunity to see live examples.
Mad respect for anybody who goes out on a limb to make small local events happen.

I suppose the aforementioned post was more of a philosophical shunt of the standard "chiptune is dead/dying" theme that seems to underly the entire community. "The world is ending" says the man who is letting his world end. For the rest of us it's Tuesday and we have to be at work in an hour.


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Saying "thing X is cancelled due to lack of interest", is usually a signal from your own ego to alert you that you are losing interest in said thing. I hear musicians pushing out new work all the time. Is the scene as good as it could be? I dunno, what's that supposed to look like? Make music, consume music, support the musicians you like. Boom, done.


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Reminds me of Motorhead and Big Black with some good ol' fashioned stupid/genius punk lyrics. "I don't care about your favorite TV show." Indeed. I'm never going to watch another superhero movie on purpose again either. This is exactly what I want when I imagine chip + punk. Would be poorly suited by better production. Could use some trashy shrieking guitar leads maybe. Maybe not though. My only complaint is that the EP isn't an LP. Ten songs would have been better. 20+ would have been best. Best punk rock ep of 2018 I've heard so far.


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Hoo boy. Here's the goods. A tight blast of grindy technical weirdness that sits somewhere between breaks and straight up noise. Nary a 4/4 kick pattern to be found. Just obliterating the noise channel. Reminds me somewhat of Kid606's darker shit. I'm loving this.


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Also pumped for this. If I write an early 2000's trance jam and finally get the time machine running again can I submit a song?


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Yeah man! It'd be dope to hear a full length release from you. I bet your style would translate well into some modernish chillout type stuff.