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Okay, since I don't have a whole lot of time, I'm just going to upload my MIDI compositions:

Old stuff:

New Stuff:

Possibly going to make this into a single:


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Oh, I missed the boat. sad

Damn work! mad

I can actually view and download 'Endless Runner' but for some reason it won't register any views or comments.

Oh wait.

There's actually an entire page of music I can't physically click on or listen to or won't be 'marked as read' for some weird reason. Anyone know what's up with these?

I don't deserve the cookies.

Feryl wrote:


What were some of your favorites?

Off the top of my head:

sleepytimejesse - X

Turbokill Turnpike (in fact, I like lots of stuff from both of Hpizzle's albums: https://hpizzle.bandcamp.com/)

From 64Mega:
Missile Base
Ocean of Stars

From Klamm:
World Civilisation
Broken Machine

null2014 - MOS SID5502

I also really dig this cover: chipmusic.org/Glitch_King/music/metroid-ii--sr388-[sunsoft-style]

On the topic of Metroid, I was captivated by this Metroid-inspired track, Deeper Lairs.

There's definitely more, but I have to go through 10 pages of music I've commented on.

What do I get?


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Where does corrupting ROMs fit in to play here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOv-9GUpwzc


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Fakebit is welcomed here.


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Sounds kinda like 8-bit Falcom chip.

Where did you find this sample? Do you have any more?


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It's working for me, and I'm using Firefox. Are you talking about any specific songs?


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I believe these are authentic (I heard that Chinese knock-off sound chips were a thing). These were imported from Japan.

I bought these years ago when I was going to get a TNS-HFC5 board but wasn't able to acquire one.

$5 each + shipping

Edit: SOLD


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What size does it have to be? Does it need the .org?

There's a pretty good one here: https://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/1515 … s/?login=1


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You can use the only single that I've ever released:

https://arc-demon.bandcamp.com/ (also, it's free)


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What times of the day do you usually stream?

That artwork is trippy