I can see why you guys picked those songs. They are all great. Different but great. Jensaw's Rise makes me wanna dust off my electric guitar and get to work! big_smile My favorite songs change from time to time, and the latest one I'm proud of is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1tqSv60ARY smile

This little game called Shovel Knight was something that I noticed every time I searched for chiptune/8bit music on various social media sites. I decided to give the game a try and... It is amazing! It's an NES-style platformer that is actually not that difficult. It combines elements from Mega Man, Super Mario Land, Duck Tales and Zelda II. It's very humorous. When it comes to music it's been composed by Jake Kaufman (also known for Double Dragon Neon OST) on FamiTracker. I can't stop listening to it. My all time favorite song from the game is "Strike the Earth". big_smile If you want to check out the soundtrack it is available here (you pay what you want, yes $0 is also an option): http://virt.bandcamp.com/album/shovel-k … soundtrack. I read somewhere that Jake encourages people to make covers of the songs. In fact you can already download an album of Shovel Knight's Music covers here: http://virt.bandcamp.com/album/strike-t … t-arranged.
Did you guys hear about/played the game?
Did you listen to the music and/or liked any of it?
What's your favorite song from the soundtrack?

Yup. I know all that. I read all of this on many sites. Google copyright bot is one thing and people clicking the claim button and refusing to release the claim is another. They have 30 days to respond (that's 30 days of them earning money from your work) and after you refuse to acknowledge their claim 3 times you get strikes and account suspension.
In simple words: you make a music piece - they mix it into their music - they earn your money - you get suspended (unless you say: "ok, ok, my music is yours and I'm sorry for saying it was mine, here take all my add revenue").
That's why I'm trying to raise people's awareness. smile Like I wrote earlier, big YouTube channels deal with those scammers by telling people to raise a social media uproar and it works for them. Also I upload, any "claimed" content of mine, to DailyMotion. They don't have that kind of system but at the same time have a monetization option. smile

I had several situations where I would make a cover (be it chiptune or other) of a popular song. I would use stock/free for commercial use/my own instruments and create the song from scratch (put every single note by myself, no remixing/using other people's samples). Still thanks to Google's broken copyright ID system big/small record labels and other unknown web scammers were able to claim money for my music videos. Among those are UMG, Cobalt Publishing, Sony Music, INgrooves. Their "musicians" (mostly rappers) also can take other people's music (like mine or yours), use its sample loops in their "productions" and when we get copyright strikes on our own compositions claiming that they made the song first.
It happens to Kevin MacLeod's Music. He is kind enough to let people use his music for free in their videos but "companies" like INgrooves use that music and claims all other videos that are not their own earning other people's money.
I feel like it's a growing problem and some day not only YouTube but Bandcamp and other sites where money and adds are involved will succumb to this bad practice. Big YouTube channels (Boogie2899, Classic Game Room, Angry Joe) have dealt with it using social media uproar and won. If we can't file a class action lawsuit we can at least use Facebook, Twitter, etc. to fight with this kind of scam. How to fight scam? You visit https://www.facebook.com/INgrooves (or other site of a scam "record label" that steals your work), look for ●●●, click "report page" and select "scam" as a reason for reporting. There are ways to do that on other sites.
If any of you ever need me to upvote a post/video/anything that talks about a specific theft of your music by some "record label", go ahead and send me a link to it (or to report their page). I'll gladly help out a fellow independent musician/music producer. smile

SurfaceDragon wrote:
MotionRide wrote:

If by any chance you would like me to provide you (is this even grammatically correct? big_smile ) with some custom art for your music, don't hesitate and ask! I'll gladly do it for free (provided that I'm not super busy with real life jobs, fighting dragons and rescuing princesses at the moment) smile.

Welcome Pete,

I think its rad how you put it out there that you support other artists by offering free artwork. I do the same thing whenever possible.

I also modify the graphics in some ROMs for other atrists -

Hit me up if you want me to make you something.

It must be tons of fun fighting dragons and rescuing princesses for a living. (If you used the word slaying instead of fighting I might have something to worry about.)

I also love how you use parentheses in your online speech.(I use parentheses all the time!)

Play it Loud!

Haha! Thanks. I'll check out your stuff. Coming from a non English speaking country I had to check the word "parentheses". big_smile I'm sure there will be more of those parasites... parent thesis... parachutes... parentheses in what I write in the future. big_smile

Hey! My name's Pete. I (mostly) make music using tracker software like Milky Tracker, OpenMPT (former MODPlug), etc. I also use LMMS but these days only for making samples (later adeited in Audacity) for my tracker-made songs (tracks? big_smile ). I play the guitar, a little bit of drums and piano and used to play violin. I make different kinds of music (that's why you may see completely different musical genres among my uploads, same goes for my artwork). Recently I try to put chiptune arpeggios into anything I make big_smile. The artwork that accompanies my videos is also made by me (i like to draw and make digital art in GIMP). If by any chance you would like me to provide you (is this even grammatically correct? big_smile ) with some custom art for your music, don't hesitate and ask! I'll gladly do it for free (provided that I'm not super busy with real life jobs, fighting dragons and rescuing princesses at the moment) smile.

Here's the site where I upload my drawings: http://motionride.deviantart.com/
And my main site-blog thingy: http://motionride.tumblr.com/

If you want to find me on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion or suggest a social media site that you like, visit my profile, send me a message or contact me via the good old cup-on-a-string big_smile.