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This is going to be a on a steam greenlight trailer for an indie game so I want to polish it up some. Please give me any crits you can think of. Don't sugar coat it.

Made in MilkyTracker

This is a pretty cool track. I'm not super into the snare as it sounds a bit harsh to me. I think that people on this board are not super interested in sample heavy stuff or perhaps faux in general. What did you make this in?

You did an excellent job. I think everything is just right. You just picked a Shitty Chvrches song.

Fantastic track. It's not really my style but obviously very well crafted. I even like the major chord at the end of the choruses, which, in lesser hands, would sound cheesy.

Yeah there's no competing with indie on the move. I've been using it extensively and it's great. You'd have to improve the formula in some significant way.

This is truly inspiring work. The level of expressiveness you are able to achieve astounds me. As a long time milky tracker user I'd love to be able to look at some of your xms to pick apart the layering. I've never been good at that.


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SketchMan3 wrote:

Study music theory extensively and then apply it tastefully

Love your percussion programming and the vibe on stuff like game boy love song. Keep it up! Enjoying watching your progress.

I'm super into the swells and the noise but the melody and arps are often not in key. At first I thought it was intentional but by the end it's clear that either it wasn't or the idea is overused and doesn't work. The noise channel is really good but I would revisit the melody. What are you going for with the melody exactly? Did you want it to be dissonant?


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My suggestion is that you post it again asap when you've done the overdubs because I'm super excited to hear it!

I hope you can take this the right way: right now this sounds like a bunch of random stuff going on. I don't know what your composition experience is, but attaining a sense of melody is probably the hardest part. Feel free to disregard this advice if you feel it doesn't apply to you. It can often be difficult to see why one series of notes invokes an emotional response in a broad swathe of people while another falls flat. It is my belief that the only way to learn how this works is listening and practice. Listen to great composers then try to imitate them, but only in the simplest way possible. Make annoyingly catchy melodies over four on the floor 1 4 5 chord progressions. Once you internalize this skill you can build outward. It's often the case that beginners try to make something too ambitious right away. It feels like that's what is happening here because you have three separate melodic lines that technically work together but end up being exactly the sum of their parts: some notes that are strung together. While to you this may have significance, the art is in communicating to a wider audience. You need to learn to make others feel what you are feeling, but that can only be done through a long process of trial and error. To that end, iterate quickly. Make the simplest songs possible and don't get attached to them. You will see results fast.

I think there are three or four people that post on this form from the sacramento area... I'd love to know more though.

This is super satisfying sonically. Very videogamey in composition. Personally I am partial to strong melodies, but I think this track is a win for those without such hangups. Very well done smile

Let me put it this way: your next darling will be prettier than this one. With that track you had a cool confluence of things going on and just because we criticized it didn't make it less good. It was one well realized idea. Now that idea is a bit muddled. This is the time as an artist where you move on to the next thing and continue to surprise yourself. After a few months you will write some awesome progression and melody and once again not be able to write a B part. You will then have an epiphany that it would go perfectly with this.


What are you making music in? I like the keanu of it but you are definitely trying to do a lot with a little. Steve the kitten definitely has more character to it and those little pitch bends are great and expressive. You're gonna have to write multiple parts to songs eventually though. With like other chord progressions and stuff :3 that was definitely me for a long time.