Hey all,

I just got my ez-flash II 256mb in the mail today. I want to use it for visuals (also ordered a tv adapter). The thing is, I want to run glitchnes on it but it doesn't really work.

I tried using pocketnes (the menumaker thing), but when I opened the pucketnesmenu.gba file on my emulator and started glitchnes it was black amd white and didn't work properly...

Anyone who has some experience with this and could help? Or someone who got a pre-made gba rom?

Thanks in advance!!

Auburn, WA, US
W4LKR wrote:

...started glitchnes it was black amd white and didnt work properly...

Sounds like you got the desired effect.


Kinda figured that out yea haha.

Got any tips on using it on the GBA? It does work, but not that good..

Edit: btw, I did get colours wink

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sounds like you got it working, next step is to use yy-chr and start making custom tile sets for thr image. i know theres gotta be some documentation out there that can help, the process isnt extremely difficult.  maybe google "glitchnes yy-chr" or maybe someone here has a link to to a tutorial.


The thing is, I do know how to work with glitchnes but I could use some tips for using it on the gba with pocketnes. It doesn't work as good as on for example nestopia (ofcourse). Maybe someone got tips to optimalize the use of it in pocketnes (: