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Hey guys,
I'm absolutely new to chipmusic and chiptunes in general. I found out about through hours of bored browsing the internet and became immediately enamored.. I would love to start up making beautiful music, and but have no idea where to start. I am actually familiar with music (choir, piano, ukulele), but this is unlike anything I have any experience at, so advice would be very appreciated! And maybe some software or hardware ideas as to how to get started.


Hope nobody starts with any flaming posts and google will eventually stumble upon them all later on~

Anyways down here is just a list of mine whenever some of my friends want to start making chipmusic (this list is only catered to the LSDJ users on the gameboy) fyi: LSDJ can be emulated on the PC too..

There are trackers and many other sequencing programs used on other platforms which I wont be explaining any i said google google google...

btw welcome to the world of chipmusic

Here is my list of things that will get you going
You start by watching this (One of the many programs you can create chipmusic with):
These are the few legit stores online:
The big names in chiptune(there are other sites too..)
These are one of the community websites of chiptune/ 8bit. Also a good place to put in your songs:
Here is one of the many synthesisers that you can use on the gameboy:
Here is the page for the modding :
If your starting out with LSDJ (Tips & Tricks):
When you get used to LSDJ:

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Start with a gamboy emulator and the demo version of LSDj.
I'm a fan of the emulator VisualBoy Advance.
Read the instructions for the latest version of LSDj, experiment, and ask questions (only after you scour the forums looking for a preexisting answer)

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Because I hate everything Gameboy/LSDJ, I will instead direct you towards this:


You can find tutorials for it on my blog:

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Check this thread: … read-this/

And welcome! smile

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Here is great source for startup