Pretty often people join the forum who are fairly new to chipmusic. Welcome! Similar questions tend to crop up.

Common topics are the nature of chipmusic, questions about where to find chipmusic and who to listen to and how to make or perform chipmusic. This little FAQ provides links to threads on the forum and links to external resources which should be useful.

If you would be kind enough to read the FAQ before posting new threads on these topics it would be awesome!

› what is chipmusic?

› Where can I find chipmusic? / What chipmusic should I listen to?

› How do I make chipmusic?

› How do I play live chipmusic?

Thanks for reading and please let me know of any additions/mistakes etc!

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Chipmusic for classic consoles on a modern PC?





add some tutorials?


other things:

Atari ST:

Octamed … ications/o (there maybe a better download link?)


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you guys are missing the most important one:

NESynth for iPhone!5335666/nesynth-ip … -chiptunes


you guys are missing the most important one:

NESynth for iPhone!5335666/nesynth-ip … -chiptunes

have this, its fun to mess with.... if you can pirate it....

Thanks for the extra stuff Jake.

I think Iphone/ipad apps might be getting a little beyond the scope of the FAQ? I was thinking mainly of a place for people to get started with most of the popular platforms and software which we tend to use. Totally valid idea though! for OPL love heart

Dosbox link for emulation of DOS trackers on new machines

There are plenty of VSTi lists, but Woolyss' is the most complete

atari 2600?

Master System has a PC tracker too!

You can even export .vgm and if you have a tototek cart is pretty easy to make a rom (i did before). I just can't find the link to do it now.
EDIT: found the link:

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Great guide dude, I'm sure it'll help a lot of people! I enjoyed reading it.

i think you should go out of your way to add every possible way to make chip, just so i can come back to this thread and say
"tl:dr" and ask a question that was clearly answered within the first few lines
on a serious note, anything that keeps people from potentially asking me this question is a good thing, well done man smile

you might wanna make some mention of piggy, because those people get mad when they're left out :3

Actually, you can get some pretty sweet iOS apps for chipmusic. I use YMCK Player myself for solos and shit, about to get Sinusoid which is a chiptune tracker. There's 8bitone as well.
Maybe a mention of this stuff could be worth it?

Maybe some "chip" keyboards too (VL-Tone for example)? Iunno, just throwing ideas out there.

Don't forget using a hardware C64!

Great thread! Very informative. However, don't forget C64+MSSIAH, synthcart, and MidiNES for actual hardware.

I'm curious as to why "fakebit" is not a legitimate term??? I don't use trackers. And why is there a fakebit comp. if this is not a real term? I don't understand what you mean  by it gets thrown around a lot. Its pretty simple, its people who use software to emulate hardware that isn't trackers.