Confirmed working! Wake from sleep already worked for me, but now I can create projects and import samples.

PSP 2001
6.60 PRO-B10

I'll try it on my 1k tonight.

Confirmed working on

6.60 PRO-C2

Even the suspend from sleep? Now im confused....

maybe an issue w/ your unit or different motherboard revision?
edit: does sleep and resume work with other eboots/isos?

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I have the the initial mobo version. I thought maybe it was a plugin but I tried with everything disabled, and only piggy is affected. Other homebrew is fine. If anyone else can confirm the bug, it would be appreciated.

Wake from suspension has always worked for me on both PSPs!

Im starting to think its a "semi brick".

New ghetto working properly on 1000 here.

I have no love on either the 1k or 2k, even with different memory cards.

My issues:

1k: still cannot resume from sleep. Have a nice view of the piggy project but navigation is unresponsive.
2k: Cannot resume from sleep, navigation occasionally stutters and hangs.

And it works fine and dandy on stable.

quick question, do you have a lot of folders in the same directory, as in you havent divided projects into subdirectories? i get some serious slow down on psp go when i navigate to folders with maybe 40+ projects in them

No im just testing with the default psp stable project folder for now.

well, thats fucking bizzare then.. wish i still had other psp models to help trouble shoot, but besides the slowdown in certain folders, piggy is stable on the go (or at least mine)

btw I got around the slow folder thing back in the day by breaking things up in groups like


Etc. Works great for my drum machine folder.

yeah, like i was saying, subfolders are the key.. i just got lazy for a minute and threw all the e.s.c. savs in one folder when i started working on d_strct

Is that any better on the psp gos internal storage? I read somewhere that the psp mem stick is throttled at the bus level regardless of the card speed, probably to prevent piracy.