seems a little better, but not great.. maybe ill do a test later and copy them to the memory card too and time them both.. its not horrible, though some folders take 2-3 seconds to load properly

I imagine sony just throttled the data stream everywhere to make it harder for pirates of big umds.

possibly, though every iso i tried runs fine off internal memory.... some of the cso's are iffy, but that can happen with compressed images

Well I guess if I cant figure this out, im just going to give up on the PSP.

herr_prof wrote:

I just got gifted a psp 1000 and put the latest ofw (6.60 pro-c2) on it and piggy is showing the problems that people have complained about before and I suspect its a problem with piggy running on the newest firmware. Is anyone running this firmware who can:

-Create Projects
-Wake up from going to sleep

Cause I cant. If you are running piggy on the psp and have no issues, can you go to system settings and post what firmware you are using here?

I ask cause I want to do a guide for the wiki about choosing the best psp and firmware for the job.

Im circling around to this, anyone running a psp with NO WEIRD PROBLEMS? If so whats your firmware?

No weird problems here. New songs fine, sleeps fine.
Psp 1000; cfw 6.39 PRO-B7
Latest ghetto build: 1.3m_051

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PSP 2000 and PSP E1000 (Street), both 6.60 CFW Pro C fix 3, never any issues running latest Piggy ghetto build.

Edit: I also used to run it on a PSP 1000 without any problems.

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herr_prof: Is your PSP running any plugins? I know these can sometimes affect homebrew software. To turn them off, press select on the homescreen, go to Recovery Menu->Plugins, and disable them all. Hope it helps, Piggy is great on the PSP.

It's not!

It's not!

It's not!