A bit of a background for those interested: I've been using trackers since starting with FT2 in 1996, then moving on to Buzz and then Renoise, so I know the format pretty well. I kinda wanted a challenge though, and thought I might be able to do something cool with 'real' chip sounds.. So I got a DMG and LSDJ around three weeks ago, played around with some sounds for a while and ultimately came up with this track.

I think it's probably about 80% done, with some of the transitions/breakdowns requiring a bit more work. I tried to make it concise (I find it hard to write short tracks) but the breakdowns and buildups just sound a little rushed.. unless I'm just not used to them being so short and that's how they're supposed to sound..?

Anyway, any ideas/comments/advice etc would be appreciated I think I've got the sound design figured out, but if there's anything glaringly obvious that I'm not getting, I'm happy to know about it!

New Albany Indiana

First off, this is a great track and it's obvious you know what your doing.
I could really hear your "roots" in the song. Roots as in your previous time with FT2 and so on. It seemed atari st-ish to me.
It's hard for me to give any CC because to me the song already sounds superb, but Im sure you hear millions of microscopic things that you need to fix.
Bottom line: Good track keep it up.


I really like all the sounds you get out of the wave channel. That's been one of the hardest things for me to learn in LSDJ, but you're already coming up with good stuff.

One piece of advice I've heard a lot that I'll pass on is to use O commands to achieve a wider stereo field. Correct me if I'm wrong, but to me the track sounded mostly mono. A few things to try:

1. Alternate panning of those echoes in the beginning. Or put the primary note in the left channel and the echo in the right.
2. When you have two melodic voices simultaneously, pan one left and the other right.
3. Add this table to the kick drum or other instruments to give extra pop to the attack:
   0   OR (or OL)
   1   OLR
   2   H01

Looking forward to hearing more smile


Thanks guys!

Regarding the panning, yeah I mostly produce in mono and only ever really use the stereo field for reverb space, but those tips are useful—especially the bassdrum one. I tried some stereo table effects on a chord kit I'm working on and it sounded really nice so I might have to start using it.
I'm usually from the school of trying to make everything sound like it's one 'object' like in Autechre's later work, but I'm starting to realise it doesn't make as much sense to do that on a gameboy tongue

Glad I'm on the right track! I think I might try some more adventurous sound design on the next one though (ie. FM).