Have an issue with a mixer I used, Channel 1/2 and 3/4  volume's sliders no longer work very well.

Whenever I slide the volume slider up or down the left phono is still silent at times even with the volume up while the right phono is fine. Only when wiggling the Volume slider does the left phono switch back on, this can create tiresome instances having to reconnect the phono every time sliding the volume slider and unequal volume levels to the other channels.

Channels 5/6, 7/8 work fine.

I took the equipment apart and cleaned it, though unfortunately it still stutters in volume whenever I touch the slider.

Has anyone else encountered this issue before with stuttering/broken volume sliders?


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It sounds like it could be a broken solder joint or broken slide pots if physically touching it causes/fixes the problem.


That's what I wanted to say. Broken solder, dirty pot or broken pot. The only way to see is to open her up and find out.