Hi mates, i am searching a nice old tracker or music programm freeware for my imac classic.
Any ideas? I try out lsdj or nanoloop with an gameboy emultaor but that was to much for him smile

Big thanks forward
Regards Manfred from



try this perhaps? I found a fully working PPC iMac on the side of the road a few months ago and I've been meaning to try that Protracker clone on it..

Hej, oh thank you for the very fast response. I will check that, first i must check wich os is on it.
I work with hardware and win7 pcs and some gameboys but i would find it cool if my little imac can make music too smile

if the OS is something like OS9, try Player Pro !!! Really cool editor using multiple windows so you can totally make the interface the way you want it !
Edit : I saw that it was posted in this forum !
http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/10175 … h-tracker/

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metasynth i thinbk is a modular offline sample maker. quite nice. I could have the wrong name though..

if u use hardware samplers anatares infinuty is the best thing availible to make seamlessly looping samples

Good morning. Oh thank you mates. Will try this both ones soon.
Greetings fReD