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- Low-bit envelopes
- LFO for pulse-width modulation, FM, and Granularity
- Vibrato
- Pitch Attack
- Arpeggiator with basic chords
- Volume keyscaler (Volume decreases with increasing pitch)
- Note glide
- Key velocity
- Pulse, Sine, Triangle, Saw, and Pseudo-Noise (NEW)
- FM Mode for Sine, Triangle and Saw (NEW)
- Granularity for Pseudo-Noise (NEW)
- Monosynth Mode (NEW)

So, here she is, in her second (actually third) incarnation. You will note that the interface hasn't changed much, but the goal was always to keep it simple. Here's a run down on the new features:

Clicking on the Medusa picture will now change the OSC mode between square, sine, triangle, saw and pseudo-noise. Each has it's individual bit-depth, based purely on what I thought sounds good (excuse my egoism here). The OSC mode also controls the attribute you change with the 'Pulse' slider / LFO.

Mode       Bits   Pulse effect
Pulse        4*   Pulse Width
Sine         8    FM
Triangle     6    FM
Saw          4    FM
Noise        5*   Granularity

*) The waveform is 1-bit but uses an envelope of the respective depth

The FM effect is very simple and just increases the amount of a +1 octave modulator on the carrier. It mimics the sound of a decreasing pulse width to some extend, so it goes nicely with the familiar PW modulation in pulse mode.

For the pseudo-noise mode, the Pulse slider affects granularity (how 'dense' the noise will sound). Medusa will also interpret the note input as sample rate in this mode, which means you can shade the noise higher or lower.

Finally, Medusa now has a Monosynth mode. It's activated automatically if you up the Glide slider. If you set it to a very tiny amount, the portamento isn't noticeable, and you can use her as a simple Monosynth.

Enjoy, leave a comment & suggestions!

Download: (1.5 MB)

Once again thanks to iLKke for the new graphical elements and little-scale for the hosting.

And a special note for ant1:
I'm really sorry the custom arp mode didn't make it in. It was glitchy as hell, it will need a lot more time to figure out how to convince SynthEdit to do this properly. Sorry sad

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Tacoma WA

ohhhh..   new toy to play with.   nice

Psydney, Australia

So so awesome!
Now let's make a medusatracker out of it! big_smile

Psydney, Australia

I know it's not possible, but I might just play with the concept and make a mockup wink

A gray world of dread

Hehe, well, the nice thing about using it in Buzz is that everything has a tracker interface in there. But if you're looking for more interface work, let me know, I've got one or two more VST projects sitting on my HD. wink


Hehe, Medusatracker would be awesome! Of course you can just use any VST tracker with Medusa, but it's not really the same...

Psydney, Australia
µB wrote:

Hehe, well, the nice thing about using it in Buzz is that everything has a tracker interface in there. But if you're looking for more interface work, let me know, I've got one or two more VST projects sitting on my HD. wink

It works ace in Renoise as well. I'm just daydreaming, there will never ever be enough trackers in this world big_smile

Currently I am rather swamped with work, but if you're not in a hurry, you can always show me what you have, and I can start thinking about it.


I am really waiting for sample drawing in this one, so i can start using it. That might make it my primary source for generating chip sounds.


who did this such a crap graphics!???? oh yah... iLKke!.... and what n00b posted this here!??? oh... uB!....


Russia, Moscow

Very nice little synth, also works fine with Psycle.


I LOVE it. Very useful. Thank You!


Oh, I see it now... No worries about the custom arps! big_smile

Geneva, NY

Very freaking cool.


This plugin is excellent. The only feature I would like to see added is the ability to set a delay for the vibrato, that would really complete this for me.

A gray world of dread

Thanks guys! big_smile

joule: I picked up work on the custom waveform VSTi again after reading your post. I really would like to add the breakpoint graph volume and pan controls, but these are a lot of work. I'm on it, though.

fluidvolt: You should be able to do vibrato delay (by just upping the vibrato parameter a little after note trigger), or do you mean a delay < 1 tick? That would mean another control, which I'm not too fond of because I'm really happy with the interface as it is.

Edit: I could link it to the pitch attack-speed slider though. That would allow simple vibrato delay if the depth is set to 0. Hmm.

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I guess I'd just like the vibrato delay as a way of customizing the instrument slightly further, as well as being a simple way of making ending vibrato. Maybe I'm just lazy. That's a great idea linking it to pitch attack though, I wouldn't want the interface to change either as it looks sleek as is.