Inspired by monkeymook and sidslimed on 8bc, I've compiled an archive a GB sound/music software. The archive is arranged as a directory listing, and every directory can have a readme file and a couple of screen shots. The goal is to add that to as many programs as possible, but I just launched the site, so...

If your favorite program is missing or there's some weird bug, please tell me about it.

very good! smile very helpful.

You should team up with Woolyss and keep a current list forever.


Awesome!  I have most of those programs but some are hard to find (paragon5 was MIA for a while) and having all sorts of readme files is super cool.

I'll look through and see if there's any obscure program I can add, but you seem to have it well covered.

thanks a lot nitro!

I never tried the Pixelh8 MusicTech software. Is any reason for it not working on my EMS cartridge?

It's a known bug... Nobody knows why.

Damn... thanks anyway buddy.

thanx for this nitro!
it's a very concise archive.

only suggestion:
what about a "download the entire archive" zip option?

brilliant stuff, really little glitch, on your pixelh8 page the music tech properformer download link has a milkytracker that would be a clever port! wink

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That's what all zip files look like. I actually started off by copying all the icons from Zabu's stuff page that I'm hosting and then added/tweaked icons as needed. And the MT icon, originally used for all binary files, remains for GBA files. I'll try to find a better icon for gba files.

Looks good. Glad to see it coming along well, even if it has only been for about 2 months. tongue


I never tried the Pixelh8 MusicTech software. Is any reason for it not working on my EMS cartridge?

i got the same problem on my bleep bloop carts, i don't know how you are supposed to use the rom when it wont go on a flash cart

great work nitro as usual!

Do you guys think you'd be able to host a mirror of this site?

It's not all gameboy related, but a lot of it is related to gbs files.

If there's a program within there that is worth separating from the rest, for the purposes of what you've got going, it's gbs2gb (you can 'ctrl + f' it to find it). GBS2GB 1.17 allows you to convert gbs files into gb roms for playback on hardware. Without it, I don't know of a good working solution to sample game boy soundtracks from hardware.

Ugetab tragically recently passed away of a brain aneurysm. He was helpful with a lot things and created a bunch of stuff that I used heavily... sad

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are there any tools to create a .gbs file on a desktop computer?