Hey, I downloaded the version of LSDJ that has full sync capabilities, and can set sync to "MIDIOUT" but the arduinoboy is only sending stop signals when I stop the sequence using the start button, no note signals are going through. My moog is set to receive Midi, and works with current settings using my other sequencer. I can use the setup in "master" mode, but really want to use LSDJ to sequence basslines on the moog. Is there an aspect of the command sequencing process that I missed?

Hey! Check this thread out.
IIRC and from what I read, I believe the command Q associated to each note is what you're looking for (probably you can use tables).

Yup. You need to use the Q command to send a note relative to the note you want.

If you put the q in an instrument table it will automatically happen on note ons