I built a custom Gameboy DMG awhile back with an IPS screen and it works well for the most part but has problems from time to time - usually double-booting or blank screen. I'm not using a flash cart or any additional mods (just pro sound but that doesn't mess with voltage as far as I know), just running the MGB cart for music. I'm 99% sure it's related to power issues but in trying to find the best solution, I can't seem to find any solid answers on what is the best fix or how to implement. As far as I know, I have two options but figured I'd tap the pros here for advice. I've searched this forum, YouTube and Google without any luck thus far.

The first option, as far as I know, is adding a buck/boost.

I have this Pololu 5V Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator on hand, along with the two leads pictured:

However, I can't seem to find any documentation on installing it into a DMG specifically. I know from this video that it needs to be wired to the unregulated pin(s) on the power regulator board but I'm not sure where it needs to be wired to the IPS screen's PCB. This guide says to wire the Pololu VIN to the positive unregulated pin on the DMG's power regulator and wire the Pololu GND to the negative/GND lead on the power regulator board. I can do that much.

But I don't know where on my IPS mod to wire the other two it mentions. The first says "Output voltage: Wire to the positive end of your mod" and the second says "Ground: Wire the ground (-, black wire) from the mod to ground on the voltage regulator". So obviously, this guide is referring to a traditional backlight mod with clearly colored wires but since the IPS is a drop-in mod and I'm not good at reading circuits, I would need some direction (preferably a visual guide) as to where the other two connections would need to be. This is the IPS mod I have although I believe I have the V2 since I installed it well over a year ago.

The second option, I believe, would be the Retro Six Clean Power board.

This, I can do without further need of instructions as it's just a swap but I don't have this on hand so I'd need to acquire it.

So I guess my first question is which one is preferable? Would it make any sense to do both or is one or the other sufficient on its own.

And my second question is, if I go with the Pololu, are there any guides out there for installing this in conjunction with an IPS mod? Alternatively, is anyone able to help me figure out where on my IPS mod the other two connections need to be? I can post images of the PCB of my specific IPS mod if it will help but as far as I can tell, aside from mine being a green PCB and the V3 being black, the layout is exactly the same.

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