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...what are some non-tracker options? Besides a DAW, of course.

Try any MIDI sequencer. Most DAWs are decended from sequencers. Why do you want to avoid them? You are already working with Audacity, right? It is an obvious progression.

Well, I can't really RUN a DAW right now, I'm running ubuntu linux as my only os because my hard disk is so fcked up with bad sectors windows has a nasty tendency to take hours for moving files around, when it's not having blue screens. Lmms crashes just playing some notes on my laptop keyboard after a few minutes, on the native vst's, not recording. Yeah, not the best situation, but I can't really afford a new laptop at the moment, student costs and all.

Plus I'm a little overwhelmed by DAW's. Once I tried Ableton and no amount of forums or youtube videos ever managed to teach me anything that stuck.

Why not backup and wipe the hard drive, see if it does anything. Reinstall windows and re-dual boot Linux.

Audacity was a good start, see if you can work Ardour (which is more like ProTools,) LMMS (FL clone which dusthillguy seems to like,) or Rosegarden (a vanilla midi sequencer.)

Oh but I have, Frostbyte. I've been thinking of going for it again, but I'd need to borrow an ext. hard drive. Backing up is such a pain. Takes ages and I always end up with randomly corrupted files.

Chunter: Yeah,I have Lmms and try to play with it every so often, but it crashes on me a lot. I've heard of rosegarden, I'll try that out, but right now I'm really liking pxtone.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. big_smile

Asked one on a serious note, apparently in the first few lines to answer questions, anything to keep people from asking me this question the potential is a good thing Jansport Backpacks , well people..

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Asked one on a serious note, apparently in the first few lines to answer questions, anything to keep people from asking me this question the potential is a good thing Jansport Backpacks , well people..

Is this spam, or just someone being weird...???

I'm fairly new to the whole chiptune scene (or chip music, whichever you prefer) and I'm trying really hard to understand how the music is made.  I have a classic Gameboy and a Sega Genesis right now and would be willing to search for more old systems and/or computers as collecting is sorta becoming a hobby anyway.  I want to be able to use the Gameboy as an instrument in itself, as I have seen people like Nullsleep do in Blip Fest videos, but I am clueless as to how to make this happen.  I was happy to find this post on how to get started but, after reading through the comments, I am as clueless as before.  I don't understand computer talk...yet so things like "trackers" and "flash carts" make no sense to me.  Also, I have a Macbook Pro and lots of instruments and recording gear and wires.  Is there a go-to place for a precise tutorial on how this all works?  Or does anyone have any concise explanation for a nub?  lol

Read the first post in this thread. If you ahve a specific question about any of the topics, post a reply and somone will explain further.

What is the flashcart used for if I'm just using the Gameboy and an LSDJ thingy?

Lsdj was never released as a cartridge by nintendo. It is only available as a software, you meed a flashcart to run it on your gameboy

A flash cart/cartridge is a cartridge that can be "flashed" with a ROM - essentially you can put a game file on the cartridge and it will act like a regular cart.
It's the weapon of choice for LSDJ users as it is the only way to run a stable and updated version of LSDJ. LSDJ only comes in ROM format, perfect for flashing/burning to a flash cartridge.

So once I have all that (the flash cart and the LSDJ to put onto the flash cart) I can make the music and save files on that cart?  I assume that, beyond this, I just play through a wire to a computer or recording device to transfer it to mp3 format?

Exactly. I use a Line6 Protone and Logic Pro to record, if it helps.
Ableton Live is a good choice too.

I'd suggest Audacity. It's no-frills and free.

For effects after recording, I import the recording into FL studio and add stuff there. But you don't need effects if you don't want them.
It's best not to worry about that right now.

Hey I just wanted to list some more good music programs.
-sunvox: available on ANY OS, I have run it on windows, mac, linux, and even my iphone and ipad... I am fairly certain that they have a windows mobile phone version as well. It is free unless you are running it on a cell phone or idevice(but cheap there also).  The interface and control is nearly identical in all forms... but it utilizes the touch screen on the i devices, so thats a little different. The musical layout is similar to LSDJ, but I think it is much easier to navigate it, as it is not constricted to 4 buttons and an analog pad.

-Music studio: this is only for iOS, but I wanted to mention it because I think it has a great interface, and has some really awesome VSTs. This one will cost you 15$ to get the full version of, and you will have to lay down a few more bucks for the 8bit VST in it... but it's a pretty solid VST imo. This software was actually so good that the owners of FL studio commissioned them to do FL studio for iOS, and as a result FL studio on the iOS is nearly identical to music studio. But I haven't used the FL studio on iOS, so I'm not sure if it has any more or less features..  This program uses piano roll. It looks very similar to garage band. It also has some built in effects that are really nice. It has something similar to a kaoss pad built into it, and you can just move your finger on the touch screen and record it with your track.

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Here's a really straight-forward tracker that I fell in love with years ago.
I haven't seen much about it online; figured I would share with CM: