I made a few tracks in boyscout ages ago. Its a pretty nice tracker.

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Hey I just wanted to list some more good music programs.
-sunvox: available on ANY OS,

not yet for android.

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I made a few tracks in boyscout ages ago. Its a pretty nice tracker.

The only bummer is the way it exports to wav.  Seems like you're better off just recording the output if you want to resample your own creations.

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Is sunvox better than nanoloop for the iPhone?

You can do more with SunVox than Nanoloop, but Sunvox for iPhone's interface is a little cramped. If you're gonna use SunVox I suggest downloading the PC version.

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I have a question. When did people start referring to this type of music as "chipmusic"?

I have a question about Bandcamp and I'm not going to waste a topic for it.

What is the minimum price for an album on Bandcamp? I know about the "pay what you want" option, but I wonder if the minimum price depends on the number of tracks included. It seems that the minimum price for individual tracks is $0.50 but I could be wrong. As far as I can tell it doesn't affect the minimum price of an album since I've seen albums go for a price as low as $1 or even $0.50.

So if I release an album that contains about one hundred tracks I won't have to set an outrageous price, right? I probably won't set it higher than 10 euros. It will probably be lower than that.

You can sell your album for what ever you want as far as I know.

A Bandcamp album's price is independent of the tracks that are on it. Heck, you can sell the individual tracks and make the album free, if you want.

Band camp will provide a warning about setting a price so low that the PayPal fees cost you money instead of making any.

Thanks for answering my question, guys.

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I was wondering if there was a beginner section for equipment help/ instructionals on getting started?

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I dont know if this was asked before but, there is any tutorial or book about LSDJ with instrument setting presets to make for example flute sounds and things like that ? I love touch all options, but dont like spend 3 hours for "find" horse diying instruments.