There is clearly interest in keeping this thread going, however I just don't have the time to maintain the thread anymore. If you would like to adopt the 48 hour pixel art challenge thread please state your intention in this thread, and then once consensus over the new "manager" has been made you can begin a new thread so that you can have control over editing the first post and the topic line. I'll add a link to this thread's top post which will link to new management.

Anyways, see the last page for the newest pictures and challenges, it's plenty messy so I won't bother to write it up here. :)

*old stuff*
I know we had a thread like this a while back on 8bc, but it died fairly soon because somebody dropped the ball.

Here's my proposed reorganization for the rules:

1. The challenge passes from the last person who made a picture to the next person. IE, if you were the last person to complete a challenge you get to pick the next person/topic/restrictions.
2. You must pick from someone who has expressed interest in being picked. Preferably in the order requested in this thread.
3. Upon completing the challenge, post the picture here.
4. You have 48 hours from when you see you've been challenged to get it done.
5. When you challenge someone, you MUST put out a public post here, as well as a PM just in case he doesn't see this thread.
6. If the person being challenged takes more than 24 hours to acknowledge that he's seen the challenge, the challenger can pick another and/or change the type of challenge.
7. You can't get picked to do another challenge unless there is nobody waiting to do one.

NEW RULE: If you can't do it properly you can pass and the challenger gets to pick someone else.

Current challenge:

enso wrote:

The next challenge goes to An-Cat-Max: create your own fictional cracking group, and a cracktro mockup (C64 or Amiga style, not to limitation, but respective pallets should be used, C64 more strictly than Amiga). At the very least, I want the group's name, in a demoscene-style logo form. Bonus points for extra gfx, scrolltext, starfields, etc. Good luck!

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I would be interested

If the challenges are not of ridiculous proportions (like demanding ridiculous resolutions) this is something I could do from work since I installed grafx2.

So count me in big_smile

I would be interested, too. smile


Why the fuck not.

I guess.

lemme at 'em

i could try

No one's said 'yes'.


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andrio wrote:

No one's said 'yes'.


You just did big_smile


I will play your game!

good plan of action, i'll let you know when i'm available to be challenged smile

OK, we'll begin with the first person who said something resembling affirmative: Russolo.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to pixel a 320x200 size image of whatever you want, in 1 bit color. You get to pick your two colors you want to use, but it's 1 bit, so one color is "on" and the other one is "off." GO!