nice one ant1, can't wait for akira's picture

i'm now up for a challenge smile

Sign me up!

Well let me see, weekends are complicated for me.
I will try to fulfill the challenge though. I'll holla back.

I wont be able to take this today. I can tomorrow.
Is it possible? That the 48 hours start running tomorrow.
I got shit to do until tomorrow afternoon, so....

48hrs gives you until Monday evening anyway.

I don't mind if you start tomorrow or even Monday, I don't know if Arfink cares though. smile

No problem, I don't mind. tongue I'm no pixeling nazi or anything.

YAy OK then big_smile
The 48 hours start today, then.

I finished yesterday, in time for the original date, but I was sleepy and couldn't be arsed to upload big_smile

Thanks for not imposing over me a particular C64 mode limitation, ant1, that would have made things harder. I tried to convert the pic to C64 IFLI but the program export didn't work (I gotta check about that).

So enjoy the original version, pixelled in DeluxePaint IV in my A1200, 320x200, 16 colours (palette has a couple more but that's residue from my "powerlines", you can effectively reduce the palette to 16 without a glitch).


(SABE is my graffiti wannabe handle xD)

Antialiasing is hard with C64 palettes and the wall is specially crap, but making a brick background looked even worse. Excuse the lameness of this piece.

Oh, next challenge. Let me see, do I have to follow order of people signups? Seems like not. OK let me think.

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EmThree, the challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create a rendition of KEYBOARD CAT, using a 16 colour palette (defined by yourself). I would like you to implement antialiasing, so be wary with those colours you define smile

It should rock with your style big_smile

Nice one! The thread just went up a few levels in quality.

I thought about making you stick to proper C64 limitations, but it makes it too hard, and most people won't tell the difference anyway. smile Looks great! Now I'm looking forward to seeing what EmThree comes up with! smile

I could have faked it, by using similar pixel aspect ratio (I can post a version, it looks fun big_smile), but it's pointless if you can't run it in real hardware. I did try to convert this to a C64 executable but as I said, it didn't work. Then again maybe my program is faulty. I'll ask Sander about this.

Did someone message EmThree about this?

Did YOU message Em Three about this? It's in the rules that it's your job. *ahem*

I didn't read that, I think that's stupid that I have to take so much care about it (a *job*? come on), but whatever. I'll PM.

Why didn';t you update the first post, if we're talking about "responsibilities"?? The title is misleading and it shows information for a challenge I already fulfilled.

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Well, it is kinda a game. Oh well, i was kinda rough. I'll update it later tonight when I have the time to compile things. Sorry.