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Also, what you listed as 'beyound tracker' refers to itself as 'Paragon 5 Gameboy Tracker'?

hey iLkke, beyond tracker is what we called the tracker before its public release (various versions of the tracker were in use for quite some time prior to the public release for creating soundtracks and sfx to commercial gameboy games) ... also for the demoscene aware; as well as my demo tracks in the archive there's a tasty demo track by purple motion/future crew in the archive too :O)


ps the fact the public release was 10yrs ago really makes me feel old *cries* :)

What about Onputer for GB?

Original Beta6 Version - http://gbdev.gg8.se/files/musictools/Un … r/Onputor/

Onputer B6 Manual(without missing images) - https://sites.google.com/site/seward23c … =0&d=1

Onputer with custom/modified graphics for GB - http://www.mediafire.com/surfacedragon

(In the MN_GameBoy folder, file name - MN_Onputor_Battle_Version.gb)

And if any of you are interested in having custom/modified graphics made up just for you please check out my thread - http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/4249/custom-graphics/

I can even make you graphics patches for LSDJ - http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/4916/ … atch-more/

You cant deep link direct to the zip, but if you visit the website first the link will work.

strange noone sayd


fixed & updated ! thnx for suggestions and links!

I don't see Nerdrix in the list !!! yikes
http://www.morganleahrecords.com/moogle … x1.0.gb.gz

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Bump and sticky because this is good stuff.

Why is "muddyGB" under "Trackers"? Should be under "Synths".

Oh, oops, I started a thread similar ish to this without realizing.
here is my compondium of a bunch of .gb roms to save time if you are wanting a bunch of them.

would somebody be willing to go through the list and write the rom sizes next to them so we know what fits on nanoloop or on the space left on our ems carts?

Also I believe what you call "Arduinoboy" is actually called mgb and simply available from the arduinoboy page.

Looks cool man

I will update stuff tomorrow...

Didn't Pixelh8 release the full version of music tech? I remember seeing a thing about it on TCTD, but the link was dead.

Trippy-H?! Pocket Music Colour / Advance?!


http://woolyss.com/chipmusic-chiptracke … rnotracker