Seattle, WA US

Okay I'll weigh in...

19/male/north seattle

Did college for a semester and failed.. probly gonna start that again soon. For now I work in a retail cell phone store. I'm good with phones for whatever reason but my coworkers are all super self-righteous and talk shit about the other ones on a daily basis (look at how they rub off on me). I live with 4 dudes spanning the ages of 23 - 45 in a 70s-esque house. They're all chill.

The live electronic dance music scene in Seattle takes up the majority of my weekend nights and is the center of my social calendar. I've seen a whole lot of the biggest names that bass music has to offer and continue to see more of them roughly 2-5 times a month. Yes, I go to a lot of raves and club shows. No, I don't wear stupid fucking beaded bracelets and rainbow suspenders, and I sure as hell don't have some stupid rave name. I really only go to the tours of artists whom I already like on a regular basis and the major raves every couple months.. never been too into the whole 'Unicorn BubbleFuck Dream Bash 14" styled parties. One of my roomies and a bunch of my other friends produce and are starting to get pretty good so I've been getting into a couple shows for free lately, which is nice.

Fashion has become an increasingly large interest in my life lately.. I collect a bunch of vintage basketball jerseys, retro snap-backs, Nikes, and japanese selvage denim. Because of this I stand out at the local 8bit concerts/parties.. almost everytime I'm informed that I don't look like "somebody who would ever come to one of these things," but, I kind of like that. Its fine though, because they don't judge me and I find that I relate to many of them better than I do with my "friends" that I'd grown up and gone to school with.

Mary Jane is the only consistent girl in my life. Sometimes she inspires me to make music.. most of the time she inspires me to watch the First 48 and eat cheeseburgers. Its a love/hate kind of thing.

I always try to have a lot of fun, but frequently find that I'm really having too much fun when I stop and think about it. I've often decided to get my life on track, but anxiety, a colorful social life, ADHD, and my aforementioned relationship with Ms. Jane make it really really hard to do that.

I think my life is neat.

Westfield, NJ
bryface wrote:

i've also learned thanks to church life that work can never fully satisfy the deeper longings i have for meaning and purpose in this life anyway.

hear, hear


im thirty and still play with toys


i run an artist collective, and climb trees when i am not in the cave

St. Louis

I'm a 25 year old highschool dropout who's too broke to go to college. If I'm not making chiptunes, I'm either working at a region-specific pizza restaurant that most of you probably wouldn't enjoy, fixing cars for money, fixing electronics, doing odd jobs, or hanging out with my woman. I'm told I'm good at saving money, which is good because I don't make shit. I don't really play video games anymore except when writing music and I'm in the process of not drinking everyday. I come from a large family and may or may not be alergic to gluten. I am extremely ambitious and usually purposely overwhelm myself to achieve results I typically could never achieve. I build custom bicycles and don't eat chicken's eggs because they're disgusting. That's pretty much it.

Babylon, NY
justinthursday wrote:

This is what I do:
I'm the one in the black hat.

This looks like a ridiculous amount of fun.

bryface wrote:

a life well spent, to me, is to simply have the privilege of crossing paths with interesting and passionate people that are wellsprings of talent and creativity.

Right on man.

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Psydney, Australia

When I go to work I maek gaems and draw stuff.
When I go back home I maek gaems and draw stuff.


Hello everyone.  For my 1st post here, I'll join in on this one...

I'm over 30 now  o.O , & am currently a diesel truck mechanic.  I hate doing that dirty work though.  I'm working on starting my own business refurbishing & selling smartphones online so that I can support myself & not have to work my life away for some company.  I got myself into immense debt many years ago, mostly from cars & car stuff, & now I never have time in my life for anything.  I'm working very hard to change that.  I'm on my way to paying off all my debts so that I may have a 2nd chance at life.  Being over your head in debt is like modern day slavery.  You can't live a life, or do anything.

Aside from all that, I'm an aspiring artist/musician, & a big nerd.  I love anime & video games, & especially music from video games.  I love the fact that people are making music now with the video game systems we grew up with.  : )  Art & music is what I love the most.  Once I free my life, I definitely want to put more time & effort into music.  Even though I hardly have any time in my life for anything right now, I'm still trying to get myself into all of this anyway.  I just got LSDJ up & running, & I'm practicing & learning it every day on the subway trains.  Being on the trains is the only time that I actually have time for it.  I'm slowly learning it, & I love it so much.  I have no experience in making music whatsoever, but I'm gonna try my best with this.  I love it so much.  Well, enough rambling.  I have to try & get my 2 1/2 hours of sleep now.  o.O

That's all for now.  And hello to everyone!!!  Glad to be here.  : )

Northern Sweden

Wazzup dogs!

I'm 22 years old and live in a city called Umeå in the northern parts of Sweden.

I'm a medical student, but this semster I got sick of studying all the time so I decided to take a break from school. I spend my days mostly on making chiptunes, practicing yoga and reading books (I'm currently totally sucked up by George R.R. Martin's "A song of ice and fire" series). I work with taking care of old people atm, boring as hell but it pays the rent and the food.

This autumn I'm planning on going to India and practice yoga!


i am a day laborer for a general contractor. it's been slow lately, which sucks, but seems to have picked up this week. i also have a kid and wife, so have somewhat of a "family life". i got into beer trading early this year and have been enjoying a beer a day (sometimes more) from every region of this country. oh, and i make my own beer - and have a pretty solid plan ready to start a brewery with a friend of mine.

Robotcity, the year 20XX

Bart (one half of Men of Mega)/31/live in Utrecht the Netherlands with a lovely girlfriend and an awesome 2.5 year old daughter.

I have a MA in Urban Planning and I just finished my PhD in social science and philosophy. I work at the municipality where Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is located (because it is not located in Amsterdam) and deal with spatial-economic and environmental effects of the airport. I deal with noise hindrance a lot and get to talk to inhabitants, other governmental actors, airlines and the airport a lot. I love my job. I have a lot of spare time as a civil servant and the salary is not something to complain about. I love to travel and spare time + money gives me opportunities to see as much of the world as I can.

I used to play bass guitar in a hardcore band, but when it comes to electronic music, I don't know jack shit. All my knowledge comes from the mighty internet.

Nottingham, UK
LOOMIS wrote:

i run an artist collective, and climb trees when i am not in the cave

Is your user name perhaps in reference to Andrew Loomis, the author of "Figure drawing for all its worth"?

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Men of Mega wrote:

Bart (one half of Men of Mega)/31/live in Utrecht the Netherlands with a lovely girlfriend and an awesome 2.5 year old daughter.

Bart, actually I didn't remember how old I was. Maybe you are older than me after all tongue


First post. Leggo.
I'm 16 and live in Washington, about an hour east of Seattle. I go to school, that takes up a lot of time. I'm trying to get an apprenticeship landed under a locksmith I know, I like keys for some reason. I live with my mum, I skate a lot when it's not raining. I play guitar, but I'm not in a band. The blues, of all genres. It's like the opposite of chipmusic. But I still dig both of them. I shop at goodwill a lot, I'm really bad at talking, I wear the tightest pants I can find. I've kinda gotten into film photography, I'm a weird kid. But this kind of music is full of weird kids, so I feel right at home. smile I'm still getting over a really bad recent breakup, I need to move on. I like fixing things and understanding how things work. An occasional bowl is nice, but not too often, I'm busy. I'm not a big gamer, but I do play games sometimes. Usually on my brother's Sega genesis or Nintendo 64. The day that someone refers to my long messy hair as a 'mane', my life will be complete. I listen to music whenever I'm not making it, from Henry Homesweet to Skrillex to Band of Skulls to Son House, and everything in between. I like acting cool,even when I know I'm not. Stuff like that.

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Tulsa, OK
basspuddle wrote:

Son House



People who consider themselves weird are usually not especially weird at all.