I do other kinds of music and sound engineering work as beatscribe that accounts for about 10% of my total income, most recently the One Deck Dungeon soundtrack and its coming expansion. I also write for a few blogs, some anonymously, some not (like videogamedj.com), thats a nice little side job. The rest of my living comes from being a developer, I mostly do SQL, ASP.NET and Ruby but I'm moving toward becoming a stack developer, doing some side jobs with MEAN and VueJS. I'm 100% work from home, maybe even a bit reclusive as my wife works from home too.  I enjoy hanging out with her and my cats. I work a lot with my church too (pretty much the only time I go outside). I also like Sci fi and my wife has got me into period pieces which are super good.  I occasionally play video games, still have an original SNES and currently i'm playing thru a rom hack of super metroid that I have on an actual cartridge. I don't get into new games much at all. I love Habitica and am a regular user of it, helps me stay organized and makes my life feel like a little RPG.

Being a developer is awesome, even though its hard to learn, if you imagine, someone will pay you for the rest of your life to learn this, its worth it. see:  https://www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/go … eek03day17

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I work in the game industry world as audio programmer, mostly doing Android. Building synths as a hobby, having two kids and too long commute time (Which makes some good LSDj time).

rebb wrote:

I work in the game industry world as audio programmer, mostly doing Android. Building synths as a hobby, having two kids and too long commute time (Which makes some good LSDj time).

Yeah people complain about a commute, but if you take a train, it can be great. I did all the Robo Hero level design and music on the Metra train when I used to work down town.

i'm now stuck with severe chronic pain issues in my back & neck. can't work outside of doing a video here & there on commission & weird experimental video art just for myself. that's why i haven't really been doing hardly anything on the music front, i can work through the pain usually only for maybe an hour at a time tops and i always would basically work on music for long stretches of time to get anything i was happy with, with the first 30-45 minutes of any session usually being stuff i'd have to throw out until i got in the right mindset to get the results i wanted. oddly not a big problem for doing remixes, so i've been doing some of those as i can manage it, but it's made working on my own stuff much harder/slower

This really is a cool thread.

I work with animals, previously at a few different humane societies, but right now I'm working at PetSmart, as kind of a stepping stone until me and my friends get our shit together to start our own doggo rescue. I'm also a drummer in a band here, but living in an apartment is a bummer for the drummer, so I've been going hard on my chips lately. 8D

And I'm engaged to the most beautiful girl on the planet.

Other than that, always looking for ways to screw the system and fuck the government. Gonna go to school for some useful stuff and eventually be a recluse that grows his own food and is mostly self sustainable.

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Never got in on the action the first time around... here 'goes!

I'm late 20s, living in Canada. I have a music degree, with a minor in history. I also have a teaching degree with teachables of music and history. After supply-teaching for a year I decided I didn't want to be a full-time teacher. I'm still supplying, but am currently doing an I.T. security program (Information Security Management), and will be looking into a career in I.T. security once that's done in April.

Otherwise, I've worked at a couple summer camps since about 2009. I've worked with children with special needs (Autism, down syndrome, etc.) at said camps to ensure they have the most enjoyable time possible. I also ran the music specialty at the camps. This is the first year I won't be going back, as I'll be looking for a full-time I.T. position.

I live in a beautiful city with my fiance, where we're getting married in about 6 months. I'm more of a home-body, pretty easy-going, and try to stay positive as much as possible. I think that's about it... oh I love poutine.

failing to find a job, sitting in my room, getting high, going to shows

and I make synth music too sometimes

What shows? Are you DJ or something?

chef at a five star Mexican restaurant

Corporate management consulting, IT-related on some pretty hardcore projects related to crypto. Background in CTO roles for banks etc. You can take the geek out of the chiptune but you can never take the chiptune out of the geek! smile

Apart from that 40yo, married, two (big) kids. The scene helps me stay sane and I love the attitude here and in the demoscene community. No one is ever too old, too young, or too anything. It's very accepting, and it's very inclusive, unlike so many things in IT. Love it!

I’m about to go on vacation in Florida smile

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work should bring pleasure and profit

I work at a small thrift store and am composing VGM, random jingles, and podcast themes as a side hustle.
I also experiment with mobile machines that contain an Arduino or a Rasberry Pi.

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