Hi everyone, love this site and the tunes i've heard so far very talented producers.
i used to play on the dragon 32k and commodore 64 in the 80's always loved computer game music
i have written a chiptune that i will post shortly see if you like it

look forward to chatting


Kuala Lumpur, MY

Hi guys, just registered to the forum. I'm a video game 3d artist that recently wanted to train my under-develop side of the brain in creating music (used to play drums in a band long long time ago). Decided to learn more and making chiptune music on my free time!

Hopefully I have something to share and get feedback in near future.
Till next time!


Hey everyone, I write music for Plogue Chipsounds, although I do have a MIDINES that I have used in the past.  I come here from, which is a zombie site now. If I get into a new community I may write more music.  I just uploaded my first song, Providence Skies. Check it out! I live in the NY/NJ area.

I am looking for good chiptunes streaming channels.  Please send recommendations!

Leuven, Belgium

Hello there everyone! smile

I'm Miguel Abbey and my artist name is Pink And Lark. I'm so happy to be here amongst other Chiptune musicians such as myself. I myself have been working on my craft for over a decade and finally I decided to go out and pursue my dream as a Stage performing Chiptune Artist big_smile Just two weeks ago I had my very 1st gig (up to 200 people) and my God! It was fuckin' awesome! The audience really received what I had to offer VERY very well. I love what I do and soo looking forward getting to know all you guys better including listening the music that you've created so far. ^_^

Here's some of my tunes for your ears to get a taste of what Pink And Lark is all about. … uper-coins

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Blessings y'all. I am NecroPolo. I joined here after my good friend Vincenzo recommended this as a good chiptune forum, It was a long ago I just found the time now'days.

I've been a C64 musician since the ice age approximately ('89 or so) but I joined the C64 scene officially only a decade ago, releasing dosens of old tunes @HVSC SID archive. I work as a freelance sound enginner / producer, a performing guitarist and a music teacher. I create chiptunes in-between, released a lot of tunes and albums during the years, some are still to be launched. I am the member of a number of 8-bit demoscene groups as a musician and also a C64 tribute band called SIDRIP, included in an ample of different demoscene and C64 remix scene releases. I had the luck and honour to be in a pre-release test team of a number of C64 SID trackers like SIDwizard or Music Studio during the years.

I don't like to talk too much now'days.



C64 scene history:

Youtube channel:


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