Hi everyone, love this site and the tunes i've heard so far very talented producers.
i used to play on the dragon 32k and commodore 64 in the 80's always loved computer game music
i have written a chiptune that i will post shortly see if you like it

look forward to chatting


Kuala Lumpur, MY

Hi guys, just registered to the forum. I'm a video game 3d artist that recently wanted to train my under-develop side of the brain in creating music (used to play drums in a band long long time ago). Decided to learn more and making chiptune music on my free time!

Hopefully I have something to share and get feedback in near future.
Till next time!


Hey everyone, I write music for Plogue Chipsounds, although I do have a MIDINES that I have used in the past.  I come here from, which is a zombie site now. If I get into a new community I may write more music.  I just uploaded my first song, Providence Skies. Check it out! I live in the NY/NJ area.

I am looking for good chiptunes streaming channels.  Please send recommendations!

Leuven, Belgium

Hello there everyone! smile

I'm Miguel Abbey and my artist name is Pink And Lark. I'm so happy to be here amongst other Chiptune musicians such as myself. I myself have been working on my craft for over a decade and finally I decided to go out and pursue my dream as a Stage performing Chiptune Artist big_smile Just two weeks ago I had my very 1st gig (up to 200 people) and my God! It was fuckin' awesome! The audience really received what I had to offer VERY very well. I love what I do and soo looking forward getting to know all you guys better including listening the music that you've created so far. ^_^

Here's some of my tunes for your ears to get a taste of what Pink And Lark is all about. … uper-coins

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Blessings y'all. I am NecroPolo. I joined here after my good friend Vincenzo recommended this as a good chiptune forum, It was a long ago I just found the time now'days.

I've been a C64 musician since the ice age approximately ('89 or so) but I joined the C64 scene officially only a decade ago, releasing dosens of old tunes @HVSC SID archive. I work as a freelance sound enginner / producer, a performing guitarist and a music teacher. I create chiptunes in-between, released a lot of tunes and albums during the years, some are still to be launched. I am the member of a number of 8-bit demoscene groups as a musician and also a C64 tribute band called SIDRIP, included in an ample of different demoscene and C64 remix scene releases. I had the luck and honour to be in a pre-release test team of a number of C64 SID trackers like SIDwizard or Music Studio during the years.

I don't like to talk too much now'days.



C64 scene history:

Youtube channel:


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Hi everyone!

Sorry to be reviving an old(-ish) thread, but I'm new here and this looks like the place for introductions, so here goes!

I'm Laurel; my chip name is Kemikziel. I dabbled a teeeny bit with chiptunes several years ago with an emulator, and only recently has it become a major endeavour for me. I got myself a decently-preserved Gameboy, grabbed my old LSDj key to set up a cartridge, and off I was! big_smile

While the glitchy and dubstep-style chiptunes blow my mind, most of my inspiration is drawn from those good ol' 8- and 16-bit games. Some of my favourite OSTs are Street Fighter, Castlevania, Mega Man... You know the stuff. I think about this music a lot, and I hope that someday I'll make music that's just as exciting!

It's hard to believe I'm saying this, but I've just released my very first EP just last week, and have been over the moon excited about it! I'll leave a link here (hope that's okay!) in case anyone wants to give it a listen. (Be nice please, I'm still an amateur!)

Networking is not my strongest suit, as I'm naturally a pretty introverted person (I'm sure a few of you can relate tongue); but I realized I need to come out of my shell a bit, especially if I'm to really learn a lot and make the most of this awesome community. I'll admit I've been lurking as a guest here for a little while; I figured it's high time I introduce myself!

You can also find me over on Bandcamp and twitter if you're so inclined. smile


Hey, welcome Kemikziel!
It's not a problem to show your releases on this forum. You can post it here if you want:

I'm, listening right now to your album!

Nelson, NZ

Hey all,

I (rudely, perhaps! Apologies) posted an intro with a link in the Releases forum yesterday. I realize now I should introduce myself here! I produce music under the name Beast. It's mainly influenced by chiptune, ambient, and '80s new wave. I'm already impressed by the talent in this community, and look forward to spending time here!

My stuff is up at my Bandcamp page here:







(I have posted a similar message in general discussion before finding this thread)

I am BSC from Cologne in Germany and used to be a coder and musician on the Amstrad CPC in the late
80s and 90s. I have also written a tracker which was quite popular in the olden times called Soundtrakker.

A few years ago I got interested in the SID effect known from the Atari ST which I believed to be impossible
on the CPC until I saw a demo called "eklhaft" or so on the Spectrum. I started experimenting and came up
with some kind of SID player/tracker called "AYAY Kaeppttn" which is also on github:

Last summer I got interested in this topic again and wrote another engine which mixes 3 virtual SID
voices into one, emulating some of the most common wave forms of the SID, which I am still working on.
There are some previews on soundcloud:

Then, a few days ago, I learnt about an engine originally wrote for the Enterprise, first ported to the Speccy,
then the CPC which sounds absolutely awesome and apparently does some of the things better than I did.
BUT: My solution is less memory hungry (which is somewhat important to me as I would like to release
something at a demoparty based on this), so I am currently thinking about different options like cooperation
and such. It does probably not belong here but I am a bit frustrated to have found this other engine and
this some of my momentum for the project is gone.. Maybe that's why I am (also) here.. Looking for feedback,
new ideas, maybe some cooperation towards a production, positive energy in general smile

Anyway, I am looking forward to interesting discussions with you guys!


Hi there, this seems like a good site for me. My name is shell, im learning to use milkytracker and really enjoying it, only have one done so far

Working daily with it so i hope to have more and keep growing

I only have one question about the player, couldnt find it in a search although it might already be addressed; is there a chrome plugin for android that would allow me to listen to a track instead of only downloading?


Hello everyone!
I have been captivated by the chirps and tones of NES music all of my life, and embarked on composing my first original track in 2006 or so using the magical 8-bit plugin. I was fortunate enough to find game designers who had need for the specific style of sound that only chiptunes can provide, but had I not I would still be writing VGM style works for my own enjoyment. Much time has gone by, but my passion for chiptunes has only deepened. Matching this passion is my desire to converse and talk shop with other composers who appreciate the nuance and art of this wonderful music genre. I hope to listen to great digital symphonies here and share my works with the devotees of bleeps and bloops.
I've been looking for a forum like this one for a long while, it feels good to finally land here.
If you are interested in listening to my pieces, please visit the link below.
I can't wait to embrace your sonic sonatas.

Lost in the Tides of Time

Hello there,

Fan of tabletop / video games, fantasy, pixels and cyberpunk, I am a casual music composer. One of the style I do is chiptune, with trackers, and fakebits sometime, to mix with old school eletronic music mood. I like to tell a story with music, so I enjoy to create soundtrack, even for fake games/reason. I possess some synthesizers and I love them, even if I will not use them a lot on this website.

So, thank you, yes YOU, for reading this words, and if you want to know me better, the more accurate way is to give a listen on the 2 tracks I posted to say "Hello" properly.

Maybe I will share more on me later, who knows...

PS: if one of you solve my signature enigma, I make a track for him/her. Because if he/she recognize that, I can say I have a new friend!

Thank you and have a nice day!


I'm b00k1sh. I bought an EMS fighter cart with LSDJ a while back, and 2 GB DMG-01s on ebay for $60 back then, too. I got busy with school and life, but I'm going to start composing, finally. I just modded one DMG with IPS v3, retrosix cleanpower, retro modding prosound v3, and am waiting on retrosix clean amp to arrive. I'd like to build a rig with DMG, arduinoboy, a raspberry pi samplerbox with mellotron samples, and maybe mod my other DMG and/or GBA after I get some music written. If anyone has any links for live music setup with gameboys and midi, I'd love to hear about it. This site doesn't seem lively, but I'm hoping someone cool is out there!


Hello everyone ! Just discovered this place and already know that I will spend time here for sure. I'm from Brussels and I am in love with chiptunes since the 80's. I still have all working machines from that time (C64, ST, Amiga,...). I have to say that 50% of what I use to listen is chipmusic. Especially Sid, ST chips and Amiga modules which are my roots. I love doing music in my spare time but nowadays I only do electro and ambient music. I have a little Youtube place where I put some of my creations and some collection of my favorite chiptunes for other artists (I have my own Amiga modules I made 25 years ago but never published them, I maybe should some day). Here's the place for those who want to know more about this: … ynQ/videos

I haven't visited everything here yet but I'm sur I will discover amazing things. I'm so glad I found you guys so see you around ! :-)

Toronto, Canada

Hello everyone!

I was recently inspired by "Look Mum No Computer"s Megadrive Synth and thought "hey that looks like a fun way to pass the time during lockdown, lets give it a shot". I discovered this forum through searching for design inspiration and also troubleshooting tips for the GenMDM as mine is behaving a little oddly and I'm not sure where to start troubleshooting. Anyway, I'll be exploring thoroughly and checking out as many other projects and recordings as this site can provide. Cheers!