Hello i'm IDecade from Italy! I started composing with lsdj and milky tracker in 2015!

Welp, guess I should do this too.

I'm Andrés, from Argentina. Originally a hard rock/metal drummer (in a stoner/doom project as of four and a half years now), formally got into blipbloops like two years ago, when I found out it was an actual thing. Been trying to compose my own shit for a few months now (thanks to Pruntys FTL OST ), started with Milky but I've made the jump to Sunvox. I'd like to be able to carve a "newish" sort of style in the genre, mixing the forms of drone metal, ambient/amb folk, prog psych with the sonic aesthethics of chiptune.

I've got a few tunes here, if anyones interested https://soundcloud.com/theheretek/


Hi all, I'm ballacr75 (Emanuele Ballasina, www.acadballa.com), I'm from Cremona, Italy.
I love chipmusic, I create sounds using a lisp program written by me that run into AutoCAD that generate wav using math!

not sure how this thread got moved to the deleted threads area, but it's back.. from now on, please use this thread to say "hi" if you're new here...

Hi there!
Before I post anything else I should introduce myself here.

I'm ClipHead, currently living and working in Cologne, Germany.
I started making music when I was young. First as a drummer in an orchestra, later it went on to rock music and learning more instruments (Guitar, Bass, Piano...). During the last months I realized that I needed something new for me to explore and (hopefully) master. Used to play around with ProTracker back in the days and right now I'm working on understanding LSDj. SunVox, FamiTracker and ProTracker have to wait right now...
I'm glad I found this forum and hope to learn a lot from you!

I'm evgthug1 from Russia. The main part of my music is not 8-bit or chiptune but I'd like to join chipmusic because it has lots of useful advices and some interesting topics wink Nevertheless sometimes I use my gameboy original with LSDj, psp with lgpt and nanoloop for android.
I hope we'll have a good time!

Hi! I'm Tet. I've wanted to bang stuff out on Famitracker for years but never got around to it, because life. Now I find myself with free time to figure out FT so I'm going to do it. I gave myself a band-type name because I had one of those 'this would make a great band name' moments a couple of weeks ago (the context was there) and I wanted to use it somewhere, so I'm just going to use it for any chip results I manage to produce

I like fast music. Really fast music. So I'm going to see how fast Famitracker can go.

Hiya, people and stuff, um, I make chiptune (more like low-bit sounding "music") though I'm not too good, so yeah woo

Hiya, people and stuff, um, I make chiptune (more like low-bit sounding "music") though I'm not too good, so yeah woo

Hi, I'm DreamBlaster from Belgium. I design small series of synth PCB's, mostly based on Dream DSP chips.
I am no musician, but do love listening to chip music.

wow it seems to have died here. my name is tommy. starting a nintendocore band in the east bay called Crashbomb. songs are being mixed right now, hoping to meet other musicians and bands!

Starshine's the name, Starshift's the project, and I've been desecrating the universe with unpleasant sounds since 2011


Introduction time!

St.Petersburg, Russia here. I'm playing guitar, bass, drums, pianos, vox. Also making an orchestra and strings/piano lyrical apathetic thingies
I had Sabateur and Elite on Speccy when I was 10. And there was some really weird shit I just remembered. I was completely into listening those zx's gamedata cassettes in my walkman while walking. They glitched really hard, lol.

I was in a middle of writing some music for the SHUT-EYE project (indie adventure survival horror game) recently and I thought about adding a little bit of 8bit.

And boom – EP’s done and I’m here.


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The name's neo. I don't know what I am. I only know that I recently wanted to make music, and therefore I have made a silly track on beep box.com and would like to get CC for what I do on there many more times in the future. I don't know music theory (YET) so please bear with me when you listen to my tracks. I appreciate honesty and straight-forwardness since I'm posting these to improve. Who knows, maybe I'll proceed to becoming a musician and practice an instrument. (I don't know which I would though) I am interested in picking up an Ableton Push 2 since it sounds cool. I don't know what I'll become in the future, but I would like to become a jack of all trades like Tim Follin is now. Nice to meet you all.

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