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that seems like it could be true. I tried saving a save state with Pulsar and it crashed immediately, I'll test some more later to be sure

as it is, i think your pulse kicks sound more like toms, not that there is anything wrong with that but you might want to experiment with kick sounds a bit more. i would suggest looking into making kicks in the wav channel, as you can get some really realistic kick sounds out of it. i would also echo Imaginary's comments, look into using some tables to give your instrument sounds more expression too. otherwise keep up the great work!


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answer: yes, i didn't test in depth but it seems like they all run ok, with the caveat that PR8 crashed on me but i also did not know what i was doing

also litewall v9 works properly but v10c does not

the new pitch is already more improved, it now behaves the same across all octaves since 5.1.0. there are a couple of options. what I prefer is basically a table like this:

00    PB0
90    L15

and play with the P/L values. basically, a fast P on tick 1, then L command transposing down. this eliminates any possible wrapping and allows for finer control over the slope of the kick. another option is to replace the L command with a slower P command (with 00 transpose). the reason i like the L option better is because BPM is a bit variable so a P command may sound a little different every time.

hopefully there are no more bugs in v5.3.2, not to say that it is perfect but it seems to be working well for me with no real problems. worst case, if another bug is found, Johan is very responsive to fix it


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from the moment i heard it i thought, hey this really sounds like sieken!

lo and behold: https://chiptuneswin.bandcamp.com/track … hatchlings

edit: worth mentioning that sieken is now known as kouhai

You need to patch those with LSDPatch

my font repo has also been updated again

+1 ems-qart


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yeeee this is amazing! big_smile

it may be too far, but there is a chiptune festival happening in Bornholm later this year https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/63 … tival-2017


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prob not, but who knows. you could prep & patch kits in advance then load that rom on there. you'd have to do that anytime you wanted to add/change kits


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kits are stored in the LSDJ rom so you'd patch them in with LSDPatcher as normal, then load that rom on there. since LSDPatcher is a .jar you need an OS that can run Java to do it (win/mac/linux/?/etc)

i dig your playing man! my main CC would be that during the louder parts you might bring up the gameboy volume, either in post, or using M commands (or both), since the louder drum parts (around 1:20, and again at 2:05 for instance) make it harder to hear the lead. also, for the lead, maybe consider changing the duty cycle, maybe use a few extra P commands or E commands to add some extra variation to the sound, to enhance the flavors. keep up the good work!

https://www.facebook.com/Little-Sound-D … 401464208/

looks like kitsch still has them in stock, and rumor has it he will also get some 1.8 el cheapo SD carts soon