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it's the colon that's missing, not the "s".

did you try to manually add the URL tag? i think you can just post urls and chipmusic will add it automatically, unless it's broken



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HimsyPimsy wrote:

Man, that case you posted would make for an awesome Super Meat Boy if you painted it right.

oddly enough, he did paint it to look like meat.


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not mine, but i use it a lot because a surprising amount of people try to clean their gameboys with acetone.

NullSlept wrote:

so how 2 do i would start that frm square 1?

dank pun


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NullSlept wrote:

apeshit i tried to use acetone like u said............my gameboy is FUXKED UP now............im, so upset now i dont know what im, going to do when i play my show i dont have enuff money for another whole GAME BOY........

Are you sure it was 100% acetone and didn't contain any harmful solvents, such as water?


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Sticky greasy mark... I'd have to see it. Can't imagine what that would be. You should always start with the least destructive solutions and work your way up. As a rule of thumb, acetone has no place anywhere near a Gameboy. Case in point:


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well, i tried.


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Psynaptik wrote:

Tacky plastic stuff, like Blu-Tack or Pritt-Tack?

And I thought that alcohol would completely evaporate?

No, it's more like packing tape, but it doesn't leave any residue. It's designed for cleaning LCDs. The plastic film from backlights or screen covers will work similarly.

In theory is should completely evaporate, but it often leaves residue. It's just not the right solution for cleaning dry debris from an LCD.


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I use tacky plastic stuff to clean debris from LCDs. It's similar material to what you'd remove from a screen cover.

When the adhesive dries up on screen covers, it tends to leave dried glue particles on the LCD. Just try wiping it off, there's no reason to start with rubbing alcohol, it probably won't damage the screen but it will leave residue.

The original team from the 2012 Christmas Card is back at it with a 2016 version!

Coded by nitro2k01, art from UltraMega, label design by KeFF, and music from Nordloef, this ROM features three different scenes with newly arranged music. On top of that, we’ve recreated the scene from our 2012 release as an homage, and included a song that didn’t make it on the ROM in 2012.

In the spirit of giving, this ROM is completely free. However, for collectors we will be offering a cartridge at an early bird price of $35 USD + shipping. Pre-order link below.

Download the free version at: http://gbdev.gg8.se/files/music/XMAS2016FREE.gb

As per usual with ASM releases, you can expect some easter eggs in the cartridge version.

The first pre-orders are expected to ship within 1-2 weeks. Any orders that exceed the quantity we have on hand will be put into the second, and final batch. They still need to be manufactured, and may take 2 or more months to arrive. We will not produce more cartridges after this.

http://asmretro.bigcartel.com/product/2 … -pre-order

Merry Christmas, and be vigilant,


It'll work, yeah.

I can build you an adapter if you'd like. Or if you have soldering skills I made a tutorial: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-PS2 … -Game-Boy/

I think most guitar pedals are DC, but make sure you don't mix up AC and DC adapters. Things can go very wrong.

Again, that's not going to work.

No, don't do that.

You could get one of those 12v to 3v car adapters for the gameboy color and mod it. Wouldn't even require opening the gameboy.

A 7805 won't power a gameboy alone. You could just do this externally and use the stock regulator.

Just get LSDj and a gameboy. After you make the music, you'll find ways to introduce additional gear to your set up.  I know that's not the answer you want to hear, but if you worry too much about your gear at this point, you'll get nowhere. Some of the best chiptune artists out there tend to be the ones that just slap a nuby light on an unmodified gameboy.

If anything, get an arduinoboy, as it will actually be instrumental to producing better music. You can easily integrate a guitar hero controller, or what have you with it later on if you don't find it to be impractical having an oversized controller with just a few momentary switches.