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It become more and more interesting smile
Thank you Garvalf smile


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@breakphase I think it's really cool what you are doing here. And the song you have done, I really like it.

For the short story, It's been now near 4 years I develop my program, and I'm not able to go to android/ios because I'm affraid of the touch screen interface.
Here you have a pretty decent tracker, I think it could be really cool, and people will enjoy sample tracker smile

But the tracker like interface with the various command... in the end it's not for me.
I become really shy when I use it. And I don't feel this way with the Octatrack, or mpc, or nanoloop, so... It's the interface.
I need another kind of interface to be able to speak to the "computer". It's me the problem here, I'm not compliant with all interface.
Not your program wink
Continue, it's a great program, or it seem to be, and when it will be available, I will download it wink


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Hey ! This is a cool tune !
I like to see soft like this on ios smile
Unfortunately, the tracker like interface for a mobile device is not my taste...
Too difficult for me, i had problem with sunvox interface...
nanoloop, nanostudio, caustic are easier for me.
I'd like to see one day a pixitracker like interface with PLock smile


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I think this is a funny device.
But the keyboard is really not my taste...
I don't know a more powerfull device for this price and this feature...
Unfortunately, it is not really the platform I want to play every day because of this awfull keyboard.
But for a midi sequencer.... It may be a great platform...


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How does it sound on pocketchip ?
I've heard a lot of bad thing on the raspi1/2 pwm sound output.
Does the pocketchip sound weird or is it ok, like a real sound card ?

I think, if I buy one I will use a joypad like you say, but I will need a midi cable too. Can you try a simple non power hub to double check if you can plug multiple usb stuff on it ? and there is enough power ?

Thanks a lot


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Great smile
I'm happy to hear it smile


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Cool smile
You're welcome wink
tagged picoloop-0.77b-pocketchipok

I doublecheck the debian, fedora core 25 and sometime the psvita when i tag something, but most of the time it's only validated on debian. So if you want to keep on the edge, stay on tagged version. They should be stable, the master branch is... sometimes.... broken !

to list tag : $ git tag
to checkout a tag : $ git checkout picoloop-0.77b-pocketchipok

Have fun !


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Hi Sanju and Garvalf smile

The makefile of the pocketchip was outdated, because of the support of SDL2 and SDL1.2.
I've update it for pocketchip, it may work better now.
Launch the git pull I will tag this one as pocketchip ok, if you tell me : "this one is ok".

Have fun !

Maybe the best is to begin with a safe non Frankenstein GBA ?
I've got some which are really difficult to deal with, so maybe you only have a hardware issue...


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Thanks for your words smile

I will work on the sampler, then the UI/Sequencer. And yes Plock is planned smile


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I've put a WIP version 0.77a in this link.
It works on my vita, so it should on yours.
You will see another synthengine which is the LGPTSMPL, it is the one shot sampler.
Today, you can only play the around 50 sample included and you can change the pitch, the volume and the cutoff/res frequency of the sample, so nothing too much interesting from a sampler, it's the first version...

The sample are in ux0:/apps/PICOLOOP1/samples/0.wav, 1.wav...
You can put 50 samples in this directory, from 0.wav to 50.wav and they must be named like this.
In the end, 128 samples will be available.
Don't put too big sample, and put 44.1KHz 16 bit sample, stereo sample, other should works, but don't put crazy sample in it, it will crash at boot IMHO.

Here is the link which contain the zip to the 0.77a for psvita : https://github.com/yoyz/picoloop/releas … loop-0.77a

Have fun,



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Hi Jalex, I've put the sampler into the source code.
This sampler use LGPT source code.
I'm able to play with it on linux, but there is some work to port it into the ps vita.
So next release will add 128 wave file from 0.wav to 127.wav to the psvita port which can be modified to play with your song smile
I think it will be available before july.
Then I will rework the sequencer, conditional trig and maybe different time signature by pattern.

Have fun smile

Don't try to have the perfect loop with too many structure.
If you find the perfect loop, and I think you find it many times, you won't be able to move from this perfect one.

So make a simple loop with not too many stuff, go to the next one, the next one, again and again. Then try to solve moving previous to the next. There will be trash loop, and you will not use them, no problem.
Stop working only on "one loop", you overthink...


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Nanoloop 2.x is really an amazing product and an awesome design.
When I see someone asking more than the stock price from Oliver.... For an outdated version ?! Really I don't understand... Yes upgrade and support Oliver hard work. There is only one guy which as achieve this level of awesomeness !

Well done !

Dear Oliver, I have not found a thread which talk about this, so I open a new one.

On the sync side, without a sync cable.
I'd like to have Select+Left decrease the bpm slightly when press in every menu, then go back to normal bpm when release.
Select+Right increase the bpm slightly then to back to normal bpm when release.

Like elektron box.
It will allow to sync more easily with other hardware when you don't want to stick with midi/pulse sync.
It's easier than to go to bpm menu and try to do the same.