DJ-PIE wrote:

It would be interesting, if there was a GBCamera mode at least.


I post random pictures of gameboys and my pet chicken... is better ^__^

@8BrickDMG is my username big_smile

i just followed the rest of you guys that i hadn't followed yet. at the time, i posted this to see alot of self taken blip photos, but now that's over so now it'll be cool just to see what you guys like personally and what not, so keep them coming. smile

barbeque wrote:
ninjaspew wrote:

who is justin beebers?


what is twilight?

I be _jmr.

I don't think i posted it, i'm Chromacle on instagram
mostly pets, food, and booze, but sometimes stuff laid out nice

I think im an0va_chip or something like that. I llke train stations and random stuff

Barely made mine yesterday, its @xsoundwavex
Follow and i'll follow back smile
I followed most of you guys that posted here already

If this thread is still a thing: @10kfreemen...


it's a thing now, it seems


well why not, @shriker