oh wait

Great release, dude. It's a must DL for certain. 80s Montage is pretty as hell. Loving that site design too.

Late to the party as usual but this is AMAZING

as promised, the .xm source files for anyone interested

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/44929944/music … roldme.zip

/hugs for the community, thank you for inspiring and opening my mind to a multitude of beautiful new musical worlds this last year

have a great 2013


/hugs back for good tunes

wow this is great i need to remember to check this site more often xD

Thank you, these tunes are great.
/me dissects .xms.

herr_prof wrote:

I was hoping for a nude future for chipmusic.

you mean like this?

http://maxcdn.fooyoh.com/files/attach/i … innars.jpg

hot damn

this is what i want

in my life

all this time and i never knew the .xm sources were posted!!!

woops necrobump, but this album deserves it. wink

damn, if it wasn't for arlen's necro, then I wouldn't have found out about this, how have i not found out about this before already?

uber sick design super slick tunes a winner all the way

Finally something to unite us all.

I only necro with good reason.

Missed this thread originally, glad it got bumped, 'cause this is fantastic.

this release is stellar!
nice to see omri back in the game