iLKke wrote:

Teradaktyle, your challenge is to draw yourself chipchooning on the toilet, using only 4 colours (black, white, and two more).

I hope this doesn't constitute as taking a shit on the great talent in this thread. I was rather rushed, and this was my first attempt at dithering. I would have taken way more time but I don't have time the next few days  sad .

With dithering:


I'd love to do this again on a weekend or something when I'd have time! I wanted to push my skills more than I did.

Next challenge:

UI - your challenge is!

A scene from a 16 bit noir film

Constraints - monochrome (with 3 shades of a single color, but as many shades of gray, white, and black as you like.)

Oh sorry I didn't really write a challenge because I wasn't challenged myself! But I'm up for another one whenever.



I find it funny that this is now the top result in google image search for "chipchoon".

Perhaps change the thread name now? tongue

WTF topic name already big_smile

nailed it

enso wrote:

Sorry I'm so late!! Here's me in some 6-color zombified goodness:

The next challenge goes to An-Cat-Max: create your own fictional cracking group, and a cracktro mockup (C64 or Amiga style, not to limitation, but respective pallets should be used, C64 more strictly than Amiga). At the very least, I want the group's name, in a demoscene-style logo form. Bonus points for extra gfx, scrolltext, starfields, etc. Good luck!