big_smile Yeah, that was fun, though 10 minutes isn't nearly enough to even give a short introduction.
In general, if anyone wants to host me for a talk on HT2, or a tutorial/workshop, I'm very open to that, as long as you can at least cover my travel costs. … pace-alien
New HT2 track! This time, in free download with many other chiptunes from Italy.

Silly question - can HT1 and HT2 be installed side by side on one calc?

No, ht2 takes almost all the space.

Thank you!  This post just reminded me that I have 3 Ti graphing calculators in my drawer that I've picked up at variousthrift stores and garage sales over the years.  I'm just missing  the Silver Link USB cable....  Anybody know where to find the data cable without breaking the bank?

For the link, I got mine there: … 33d1ffb960

(seller: fandexbox => USB transfert cable/link calculatriceTexas Instrument TI 83, TI 83plus, TI89)

It was 12 € + shipping (from France so it was cheap for me).