The interface does look cool. But you shouldn't stress too much about how it looks. If you make another version just focus on the features you think are necessary to manipulate the sound in a desirable way. I feel MEDUSA2 is a much more powerful tool for creating sound than the first MEDUSA. Thank you so much for your hard work, I really enjoy creating music with MEDUSA and MEDUSA2. Have you created any other VSTi's? or are there any you would recommend?

Kraken is another that I released, but it's a lot more limited than Medusa2. I have a couple of unfinished ones on my HD, which I would finish and release if I wasn't so lazy. My main motivation for creating synths is so I can try new things with my music, so often times I'll just make something buggy for one track and then forget about it.

The VSTis I find myself using most aside from my own are Chip32, Triforce, and occasionally VOPM.

The main thing about Medusa's interface (aside from iLKke's gorgeous graphics) is that it packs the functionality I need the most into very few control elements. I was sick of having a monster like Syntendo open which didn't even have the stuff I needed, so that's why I want to keep it slim. For the next version, I'll try the custom arp, that vibrato delay and maybe support for pitch and mod wheels should anyone want to use it with a MIDI keyboard.

Oh, and I really like suggestions for improvement- as long as I agree they're a good idea, I'm happy to try my hand at it.

Thank you. I actually use all the VSTi's you listed except VOPM(but I will try VOPM tonight!).  And I LOVE Kraken.

As for suggestions for improvements

- Custom arp. Yes please! and could you include a button that allows you to switch backward through the list of arps. Medusa only lets me switch for arp to arp in a linear fashion forward through the list. I really want to be able to bounce back and forth between two or more.
Maybe you should have the arps laid out so you can view all of them at once and have a button next to each of them to select which arp is currently active. Then you could switch from the currently selected arp to any other. If you do lay them all out like this please include a back button also, being able to switch from a Minor arp to a Minor7th arp then quickly back to a Minor arp would be rad and very musically expressive.

- Custom waveform/Draw your own waveform would be way cool. If Medusa and Chip32 had a baby. You understand, right?

- X/Y style controls for two or four parameters. I don't know which parameters you might want to control? I just thought of this because I have controlled the vst effect Perky! by DarkWare with an Xbox360 controller's analog sticks and it worked out much better than I expected. I know there is already a VST that lets you hijack the controls of pretty much any parameter and make them into X-Y style controls(I can't think of what its called at the moment, too tired to think, I have nightmares almost every time I sleep). So don't go working too hard on this, its just a suggestion. Try out Perky! if you haven't yet, it is exceptionally cool.

- I would love to see someone make a VSTi that has almost exactly the same sounds as LSDJ. So pretty much a VSTi with LSDJ's instrument-screen for Pulse1, Pulse2, Wave, and Noise channels. Also include the Table, Synth and Waveform screens. But no step sequencer, just have the it be controlled by midi in almost the same way an Arduinoboy uses midi to trigger notes on a Game Boy running LSDJ. This is probably impossible but I use LSDJ all the time and love making music with it. I really should just find an Arduinoboy and do this with real hardware but a VSTi version of LSDJ would be so cool. But again completely unnecessary and probably impossible.

I would really like to try the unfinished VSTi's you made even if they are unfinished. I really enjoy using Kraken, Medusa, and Medusa2. I will continue trying to think of more suggestions for you. Good luck with your music and projects and thank you so much.

Awesome work, I've been using medusa2 a bit lately and had no clue it was made by someone in the community. And LSDJ instrument would certainly be awesome, but that's a whole other instrument.

One criticism I have of Medusa is how quantized its amp envelope can sound sometimes, I understand that it might be intentional, but it's not always the sound I want tongue

Love Kraken too, it's got a very thick and interesting sound smile

just wanted to say thanks for this awesome plugin... didn't realize you made it till now.

bump for teh awesome!

incredible, great functionality and sound, top job! smile

for the past 2 or 3 years, i've been using medusa2 a lot. i keep looking for something to replace it with, but keep coming back to medusa2. it's awesome!

I love the look of it.

Joining the necro to encourage the creation of more stuff like this.

I wish µB would make a drum synth big_smile

here's an entire album with medusa2 as bass synth:



How are things going?

Are you still developing and using synthedit? I am thinking about getting it to make a chip synth mimicing the capabilities of XM instruments + some other modulation features. Not sure if it's still being developed though, and if the modules i would need are available. I'd love to have a small chat with you if you're ever on

Can SynthEdit export to a Linux VST?
Because that'd make my life much better... smile

love it!