e.s.c. wrote:
Cementimental wrote:

Surely the PixelH8 stuff should be in there somewhere? eg Pixelh8 Music Tech Pro Performer on the GBA

it IS on the list though... hmm

(~__~;)> not sure how i missed that

b4by f4c3 wrote:

haven't really seen much done with reBoy

reply to an ancient post on a near-dead forum I know, but I tried ReBoy a couple of times and was like 'this sounds amazing but is absolutely unusable' but then recently found version 1.1a which is actually borderline playable. Still super limited but at least you can go back + forth between options! + some other features added. Shame it won't seamlessly switch between saved loops tho. sad

ALSO there's no compiled rom, you have to compile it using the included little PC app (i got it working fine using Winebottler on mac) which allows you to add custom samples!!! (filename format and sample rate info in the txt file must be followed)

got Pulse X samples, donks etc in my version now smile need to make some super lo fi grime tracks.