My name is Matt but you can call me sugar wink

I dabble here and there with making music but I mostly stick to consuming.



Been a fan of chiptunes since someone got me turned on to the 8bitpeople label many years ago.

Looking forward to exploring the world of chiptune production with all of you. smile

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Hi! Pleased to meet you all! I’ll post specific chiptune tracks I’ve made soon, but here’s my stuff:

I lead the band Toys in the Static. We played live since the early 2000s up to 2014 under the name pinebox. We use or have used just about every type of vintage video game system or early computer we could get our hands on. My favorites are c64, gb, nes. I’m currently goingbthru a modular phase just because I’ve been bored with a as q


woah.. last login jun 2014. & it's all still going. hi chums

Memphis, TN

I go by m45t3rb1ff as an artist. I'm here to:
1. figure out if I can update my nanoloop 2.1
2. learn proper usage of noise gates and such when recording from my gameboys
3. learn about syncing arduinoboy
4. be a good member and all that cookies and milk kinda stuff.