Abandoned on Fire

Jay Tholen's "Epidemic" and "Danny's Incredible 8-Bit Voyage"


Awesome music but the narrative parts put them both way over the top.  Love 'em.

Download "Epidemic"

Download "Danny's ..."

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akira^8GB wrote:

Download the HVSC, Download the ASMA Collection, download Keygen Music... hear your roots, see where it came from, and stop pretending this started in 2006.

  Exactly! shame stupid windows vista crashes chipamp a lot, specially with Atari ST and XE tunes ):  there's also this excellent post in 8-bit today about chipmusic archives

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lynit wrote:

Is there a chance someone can sticky this topic?

Your wish is my command.

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power supply and dawn metropolis by anamanaguchi are the records that got me into this whole scene in the first place, so i can't recommend them highly enough.

that being said, i'm really looking forward to checking out all the suggestions in this thread!


V.A. - Nanoloop 1.0
Nanoloop (Oliver Wittchow) - 01
Bit Shifter - Any and all Nanoloop 1.1 - 1.2 material.
bubblyfish - Peripheral v 1.2.2
starmelt - I recommend his recent 2.3 work.
elektrobot/ebot - Anything
USK - Nano Lunatica tracks
V.A - Game Boy Music Club Vol. 2
Saitone - Game Boy Music
Toufu. - Nanoloop works
Ok Ikumi - Nano

I'll think of more later.

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Here's MODs in Memoriam's list of chip MODs, good stuff. smile

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modsoulbrother also has some very good recommendations


everything by the classic c64 composers jeroen tel martin galway, etc... none of this modern pap wink


Yes, there are some archives that you simply cannot be without if you like chipmusic. HVSC being on top of the list in my opinion followed by the SNDH Collection, 2a03 archive (sadly down at the moment, and was not very updated lately).

Archives of .MODs etc is harder to store and update, since the filesize (usually) is a lot bigger than .SIDs, .SNDs etc. But the list of archives found at the 8bit today post Chema64 also mentioned is very helpful.


Totally check out the HVSC and all the other archives! Personally, I think the best chip-music is found in those haha.

It's always fun to browse themodarchive too, you can find some really neat old gems on there!

akira^8GB wrote:

(stupid Mac doesn't play any exotic formats hmm).

Mine plays .sid and all sorts of other strange formats fine! You just gotta find the right programs wink.

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akira^8GB wrote:

Want some random goodness?
Go to this brilliant site,, and open Tools -> Random Chip... It will download to your hard drive a ZIP containing randomly selected tunes in many formats smile

thank a lot for the link \o/

If you don't like the interface (I know it's a pain to use), you can still access the database by using my old Chiple, or simply use the ftp smile

I carefully selected one by one all the tunes you can find on, so I can recommend every tunes smile

I think my two personnal favourite chiptunes are:
Monday by Random Voice (Amiga mod, 4 channel)
Hybrid Song 2:20 by Quazar (PC xm, multi channel)

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many of the albums on bleepwatch,

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disassembler wrote:

USK - Nano Lunatica tracks

this. It's such a tragedy these are his only nanoloop tracks!

Going through some of the mods/xms suggested in here, loving random voice's monday


Eat People 1, 2 and 3 by Alex Mauer.
Music is My Girlfriend by USK.
Changed my life.  Easy.

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Trash80 - icarus
Covox - Infiltrator ep
Goatslacker - Assault