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< facundont> fat girls - they dont call the cops

this is more than a quote, it's words to live by.

A gray world of dread

(watching an assembly discussion group after the executable music compo)
[23:55]    <Dauragon> god damn
[23:55]    <Dauragon> im a nerd
[23:55]    <Dauragon> and i want to like
[23:56]    <Dauragon> stuff these dudes into lockers

A gray world of dread

(double post)

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[16:06] <ant1> nerd thread my hobby is collecting cyberpunk versions of alice in wonderland
[16:06] <ant1> i have at least 600 first editions
[16:07] <ant1> i also collect star wars episode 5 themed wall-rugs
[16:09] <@zanzan> lol
[16:09] <ant1> i feel like some people in that thread are trying a bit too hard
[16:09] <@zanzan> nerd thread i created my own obfuscated programming language which is just spaces and ampersands
[16:10] <@zanzan> and i wrote a chess ai in it using the rock band guitar
[16:10] <ant1> hahahahaha
[16:10] <ant1> wrote an operating system where you have to solve chess problems to do administrator tasks
[16:11] <@zanzan> heee
[16:11] <@zanzan> switching between windows would require you to castle
[16:11] <ant1> ahaha
[16:11] <ant1> or the whole screen is tiled with windows
[16:12] <ant1> and you can only use them if you get a piece on them big_smile
[16:12] <@zanzan> ahaha
[16:12] <ant1> each team has 8 firefoxes
[16:14] <ant1> for example i don't really see ale as being that nerdy
[16:14] <@zanzan> if you get fool's mated all the firefoxes become netscape ship's wheels
[16:15] <ant1> ahahaha
[16:15] <ant1> ale is for 1200s revival chavs
[16:16] <@zanzan> revival chavs big_smile
[16:16] <@zanzan> society for the creative use of anachronism and petty crime
[16:17] <ant1> hahahahaha
[16:17] <ant1> big_smile
[16:17] <ant1> do they steal horses and carriages
[16:18] <@zanzan> haha no they just break into glove compartments and steal the music boxes
[16:19] <@zanzan> spray paint the carriage with things like "fie on thee"


<nigel> IAYD hide your boner
<IAYD> I will
<IAYD> in your mouth
<nigel> O:
<nigel> i mean
<nigel> I:



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̛̛̩̥̩̥̩̥̅ ̥⎬̛̛̛̛̛̥̥̩̥̩̩

Also this one

<CalmDownKidder> Knock Knock
<Reteris> Who's there?
* CalmDownKidder has quit (Quit: KNOCK AND RUN LOL)


amazing. ^^


<ant1> scott pilgrim is about a nerd who gets a girlfriend, right?
<ant1> maybe that is why chiptuners like it



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PlainFlavored wrote:

<ant1> scott pilgrim is about a nerd who gets a girlfriend, right?
<ant1> maybe that is why chiptuners like it

Classic. Imma put that on my wall.


[10:39] <ant1> calmdownkidder is the best at writing sentences for his netlabel
[10:39] <ant1> because he tries to do nullsleep but ends up with "a cracking set of real bangers!" orsomething


fair enough! retracted! I was worried this thread was becoming a  compendium of burns.

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I don't know who either of those people are but the calmdownkidder thing was honestly intended as a compliment/nice thing. "the best" is not often used as an insult I think...

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only luv for ant1


[23:29]    <trash80>    could you tell me how do i get a dick formatted right with maxymizer on it? is it hard?