Brazil - Japan

hello! im a big fan of NeS trackers, i mostly record my albuns using Famitracker! in 2 years i learned two diferent ways for live playing in it smile ima LSDJ user too (perfect for instant gigs), as i also got into LGPT (getting used to samples...osc is nice).

but now. 1 year after the first NTRQ been released, i bought a Dingoo, and i intend to use it for this tracker.
i know its emulated, but what the fuck, its so pratical and totally functional! and the NES tunes are amazing, this is a great tracker! with a bunch of new dynamics.
soon, i would like to make a NTRQ worshop here in Brasil! and here, i would like to congratulate Neil for this great and inspiring creation! NTRQ FTW



@neil baldwin

I just recently bought an NES and have been chiptuning for about a month. Where can I get NTRQ?

Rochester, NY

Psydney, Australia

Better make sure your chip is tuned properly, I guess smile


becuause you call it the native tracker. The mascot should be a bad ass mohawk indian warrior throwing a tomahawk at your face.


or a naked bald fat dude with a controller in his mouth