WHOA!!! Thretris stuff???? Thats crazy. Thought he was dead  wink

...(Wheres the NES?)


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updated master list (Thretris)
-- July 10, 2011

updated master list (kitsch)
-- June 11, 2012
-- August 11, 2012
-- October 15, 2012
-- January 28, 2013
-- March 16, 2013
-- April 14, 2013
-- September 7, 2013
-- March 4, 2014
-- February 29, 2016


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This thread is for for members here at Chipmusic. Once a month (or so) the feedback from this thread will be tallied and posted in the Master Feedback thread. So please NO discussion here, FEEDBACK ONLY. (The thread will be cleared when tallies are taken, so PM a member if you want to say thank).

You are to leave +1 for each positive transaction, NOT for every item sent within one package (If you received 3 items in one package, leave a +1 only). And please do not hesitate to leave a -1 for bad trades. We need to know about this so we can prevent others from being burned and so we have the most accurate list as possible. (If you're not comfortable leaving negative feedback, you can PM a member of the Chipmusic staff and a side note about it will be added to the master list anonymously).

Also, please including complete/correct usernames. This includes capitalization, underscores, numbers, etc. If the members name is 8BITGUY1000 don’t leave feedback for 8bit guy or 8bitguy1000. Copy and paste the username if you have to, so that it is exact. If you spell it wrong, you may risk losing the feedback that you and the member you traded with deserve due to error. And yes, you can leave multiple feedbacks for multiple members in one post.

Chipmusic Staff

Chipmusic.org and its staff are in no way responsible for bad trading or trading in general. Although we will try to help resolve issues when or if they occur. We will not take responsibility for your trading here on the site. All members trade at their own risk.


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$140 shipped for a LIKE NEW NES Powerpak (cart only with dust cover) (first owner)
PERFECT NES with all hook ups (very clean) (100% stock) (functions like a charm)
Custom Turbo Mod NES Controller I made (PCB swap with custom casing)

and possibly any other fun stuff I can fit in there or find.

EMAIL [email protected] Need some extra cash ASAP smile


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@Bleo: Yeah, would be nice, but free is also nice.

@Analog: You think so? I wrote it on guitar as pretty much 3 and 4 chord pop punk. The song is about the story behind Skate Or Die 2 on NES.


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All info and FREE DOWNLOAD can be found here
http://chipcorecords.blogspot.com/2010/ … -comp.html

1. 8 Bit Weapon - Funk Data
2. Thretris - Streets Of Elwood
3. Apricorn - Ginger bear
4. Russolo - What's Wrong Sarah
5. Analog - Sobrevuelo
6. NESMETAL - Throughout the Endless Ages
7. MicroD - Excision
8. Machinery of Nature - Dankapottomus
9. eLectrodreams - Windows (to other worlds)
10. Love Through Cannibalism - Hard As A Metapod
11. vickysbooties - slowcore
12. Nestrogen - Back Right Corner
13. Guardia - Chuup'tah Magic
14. Rush Coil - Kingfake
15. PaK-Zer0 - In The Mosh pit
16. Decktonic - Side Quest
17. Octapus - It Smells Funny


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GAH!!! and now SPIKE has done the same thing, calling me "the scientist over at thretris" lol... fuckin lamers



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Comp is now closed, if you dont see your name on the list (and it should be) , email me an email while I am wrapping things up for the next few days


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bucky wrote:

I think they think you are multiple persons. smile

Cause they say the chop shop team..lol.. when they did the article about my steam punk gameboy, they referred to me singularly.  funny


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so random, I would think a Dolerean would make more sense with the flip up doors and what not (lid) but I love this thing. Erik posted awhile BTW http://chipmusic.org/forums/post/15067/#p15067


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(jumping the gun) I can snazzy fliers when the time comes.


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ovenrake wrote:
mechlo wrote:

Dude, the only city with a shittier unemplyment rate in the country is Detroit.  So don't come here for the job prospects.

took the words out my mouth.

especially when a really sought after job is selling bacon maplebars x)

HAHAHAHA, they just opened a VooDoo Donuts here ALL the "cool kids" are DYING for a job there. muhaha


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very nice, very nice. Like I said, count me in, would love an excuse to head up to portland more


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We got artworks up, and an updated artist list... just over a week left to get those submissions in


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We need to throw an even like Chiptune-apalooza. Give the new yorkers a run for their money wink there seems to be enough NW'ern chipmusicians around

(or since its portland, I will call you Chipsters. Then I guess in eugene, we can be Smelly Chippies)