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capcomposer wrote:
e.s.c. wrote:

/me uses this as an opportunity to mention that i am planning to visit friends in portland soon, would like to meet, hang out with, start a side project and/or play a gig with you people while im there

  When are you planning this trip?

ERIK!!!! LEXUS!!!! FIX IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Im down!!! Would be great to get some of you guys down to eugene to share the love also, this city would love a chiptune show, they just dont know it. And if I ever open my bar (the "Barcade") you could be sure I would have a show each weekend

Dammit Erik, learn how to post images properly..lol.. BIGGER!!!


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NeX wrote:
Thretris wrote:

I have like 6 DMG07 shells you can have, just pay for shipping

thats very reasonable smile i assume you don't have the cables, do you wanna take this to PM?

I used the cables for keyboards, I send the PCBs to logan, I kept the shells for a rainy day (like this one smile )

and better off emailing me thretris©gmail.com


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NeX wrote:

hmm, so you have lots of empty DMG07 shells and link cables, and you are after just the DMG link sockets, and i have a load of link sockets and i am after the shells and link cables, i am sure we can make a deal wink but i wanna know what you are doing with them!

I have like 6 DMG07 shells you can have, just pay for shipping


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arfink wrote:

Dag, you have not a high-speed tape recording apparatus? I have one, and have used it to duplicate tapes very quickly.

High speed recording from an itunes playlist? I would still rather track down originals of my favorite cassettes.


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AH, the good ol tape trading days. I doubt I would be into live bootlegs though. Anyway, PM sent


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Thanks for all the replies. I know most people who would have most of these have them for a reason, BUT you would be surprised how many people have some BR or DK on cassette and dont really care to keep them around.

I do collect vinyl, but these tapes serve a bigger purpose. I work long hours in the garage (AKA The Toy Shop) and I dont always like to lug my laptop out there. I just repaired my vintage Boombox and it sounds too damn good not to be bumped while I work.

So yeah, we all know dubbin blank tapes sucks balls and takes forever, I would rather get the real deal (nostalgia always plays a part also)

Also, even if people are hoarding these for a reason, I might be able to temp them by offering custom paint work for just a few tapes. This is something I normally get paid plenty of money for.

If you have any good old cassettes laying around, give me a shout. Im looking for 80's Punk Rock / Skate Rock, Metal, ect
Im willing to purchase for cheap or trade game stuffs, pixel art, general art, or customize your hardware.

Below is some of the stuff im definitely looking for more of, but if you have anything you think I might like, let me know.

Poison Idea
The Misfits
UK Subs
Circle Jerks
Bad Brains
Dead Kennedys
Minor Threat
Bad Religion
Angry Samoans
Gray Matter
Black Flag
Social Distortion
Drunk Injuns
The Faction
The Buzzcocks
Guns N' Roses (old)
Agent Orange
Metallica (old)
Gorilla Biscuits

Many others I cant remember off the top of my head, and my fingers are gettin tired. This list should be a solid basis for what I like.

RushCoil wrote:

Still looking to purchase two of these =\

MY BAD, I have 2 for ya dude, I long sold my C64... email me Thretris©gmail.com

I also have some SID 2 sid boards and all the resistors and doo dads you need to for those, and 3 6581s


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8bitweapon wrote:
arfink wrote:

As I said in a comment on your music page here, this is fabulous. Now seriously, call the guys doing the new Tron movie and get signed to do the end credits. DO IT.

Cross your fingers...It's fate is in this guys hands now...

Thats the pic I used for my color reference wink


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8bitweapon wrote:

Dude, people cant say enough bout your TRON Boy! Thanks again!

No prob Seth!!! It was a pleasure smile And just wait till you see ComputeHer's BurlesqueBoy


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Koatl wrote:

I'm very interested, and am willing to pay in advance.

Regarding labels, I'd love to see Thretris' label on it:

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_AunSIWoEFRo/S … qlabel.png

arfink wrote:

Unless he does the label for ya, I won't be doing labels. Sorry, I just don't have the equipment.

Koatl wrote:

Whatup Thretris? Willing to produce some labels?

arfink wrote:

Well, if it's so easy I'll let my customers put labels on. smile

I can have them made professionally, but would probably be a pain distributing them unless I sold them to arfink for cost, and he could just apply them before shipping. I can have an insane amount made for like 30-40 bucks.

Other option, get some sticker paper, print at home, cut it out and stick it.. DONE!


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Big Cartel is HIGHLY customizable too, you have full access to the CSS code for editing to your taste.

kitsch also rocks big cartel if you never noticed


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Those are lookin kick ass dude. keep it up!!! I really need to paint all mine finally.