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I have a Commodore 1541 drive, will fit in a flat rate box in the US for 10 bucks. sell for like 20 plus shipping.. or a trade of sorts

bump for updates, see first post

Lazerbeat wrote:

Never get married. My wife has veto power over all my T Shirts.

HAHAHA, I huuuuuurd that yo!

egr wrote:

What's wrong with a grown man wearing Vans?

nothing at all... I will ride the stripes till I die


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ceafin wrote:
TmTgr wrote:

It seems to work well with lsdj.

So this was originally a BleepBloop cart, but I tried using my LSDj on my GC gameboy foot adapter thing with my EMS 64M cart and LSDj 4.0.4, but to no avail. I just kept getting the *bah-ding* boot sound, but "Nintendo" would just be a dark bar.

Any thoughts?

I never tested an EMS 64M in my Gamecube before I sold it. Wanna hear something odd though.. Same thing would happen with my old 64M cart in a GBP. I could not get a proper boot.

What I did is simply swap the EMG shell for an original style cart shell and it worked great.. Something about the way the EMS shell was shaped just wouldn't allow a solid connection.

MAYBE, just maybe, the GC adaptor suffers from the same connection problem with the funky EMS cart shell.

Just a thought

motone wrote:

Damn, just discovered that $25 is about the price of a new sealed copy. sad Anyway, still looking for trades...

Sorry if that was me who bursted your bubble. If it makes you feel better, I still have not seen this in stores here (no have I found a rom for it)

tacticalbread wrote:

but mine was milkytracker not LSDJ. wink


Im in love with wayne1991 right now. Dexter theme is beez kneez!!!! And Arfink? is it working for you know?  Seems lightning fast to me?

UPDATED, 120 bucks for a KORG padKONTROL! WHAAA!!!


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here is a grid out for ya


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Comps will now be officially hosted on the new ChipCo Records site!!

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nitro2k01 wrote:

Just to hijack this thread a little... Nijuu is obviously Japanese for twenty. But is that a reference to something or just a pretty randomly chosen name?

Yes, it's because Nijuu was developed 20 years after I first started creating audio on the NES. smile

YOUR VINTAGE!!!! smile


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Here is another large one gridded out for ya!


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and if you dont have all the bead colors... or if they dont exist in the HAMA/PERLER universe, there is a few nice apps for beading that will translate your sprite to the correct colors!

OR if you really want one, I can make it for you if you trade me some stuff (like maybe send me some of your beads and 2 of your 9 peg boards... really who needs that many lol... [me]

I could probably fit your name under it too since the sprite is so large.


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arfink wrote:

Cool stuff! You know what'd be excellent? Bead sprite inlay case mods for hardware. It would be totally incredible to have a bead sprite fronted NES cartridge, for example.

EDIT: oh, and Metal Slug. Someone must do Metal Slug sprites. I'm temped to get a set so I can do the gun icons for my fridge, and an SV-001 for my wall. Possibly the gold SV-001. And the Camel slug, and the flier one, and... *head explodes*

Been done many times
http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs46/f/2009/ … ctoroc.jpg
http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs48/f/2009/ … ctoroc.jpg

There is massive communities of bead sprite artist, just about everything has been done over and over..lol


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Nice dude... but cmon... NO logan head??? Here I will even post a template for you to use

And yeah, I went light on the heat for daft punk... but If I get closer to the smaller megaman sprites I did the same thing, cook em good wink

I know a chick in the bead sprite forums who cooks em solid and then cuts all the edges square, they dont even look like beads, pretty cool.

here is your head.. make it NOW